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Friday, June 22, 2012

SIA cabin crew recruitment exercise.

SIA seems to be recruiting cabin crew almost every 5 to 6 weeks in Singapore. Overseas recruitment in places like Japan, India, Thailand,China etc are also quite frequent.
One may wonder why this airline is recruiting so often. Is it because of network expansion or high attrition rate? The answer is both.
SIA currently has about 7,000 cabin staff. The average attrition rate is about 1% a month (resignation,termination of contracts etc) which means 70 crew leaves every month. SIA has to fill up these vacancies. In other words, it need to recruit a minimum of  70 crew a month.
For network expansion and increase of flight frequencies, it all depends on the company. Take for example, come September this year, SIA would mount an extra daily flight to London using it B777-300ER. The fourth daily London flight requires a minimum of three sets of cabin crew. Each set on the B777 is 11 and for the A380 is 23. I understand the three daily London is operated by the A380 and the fourth would be by the B777.
At a single walk-in interview in S'pore, out of the approximate numbers of 1,000 to 2,000 applicants, less than 200 are employed. There is no quota to the number needed to be recruited in a single interview. It is a problem getting the right people for the job.
In Malaysia, the airline faces the same problem. Lesser "qualified" people are applying. There are several reasons why very suitable people do not want to be flight stewards or stewardesses.
Recruiting people from foreign countries would not necessary solve the problem. It does alleviate the problem a little bit. It is a hassle to get foreign crew. They also need working visas, accommodation and the will to adapt to the life here as well as their local colleagues.
So there will be no end to the frequent recruitment of cabin crew by SIA, unless there is a global recession like the one in 2008 where SIA stopped recruiting for 10 months.


Jacky said...

Hi uncle Boh Tong, saw this youtube video on Singapore Airlines in the 1970s of cabin crew training.

Chloe said...

Hi, may i know if flat foot would affect the chances of passing medical?

SAI said...

As long as it does not affect the way you walk it's fine.