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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Standing up to the bosses

Many of us, at one time or the other has been terrorised or bullied by our bosses. In my working life, I have experienced this many times. Most of my colleagues would simply let themselves be bullied and humiliated by the bosses for the fear of losing their jobs. Very few would stand up to the bosses even though they (my colleagues) were not wrong. Most bosses want you to agree with them in anything they do or say even if they were wrong.
Ha ha not me though! I disliked agreeing with my bosses when they were wrong. I will stand up to them even if it meant losing my job. I hate bosses who were pompous, arrogant and big bullies (inefficient too). In my work place we were never short of such bosses.
There was a manager in our department who would terrorise the staff,especially the male staff. He was not only inefficient but arrogant and abusive. We suspect he got his promotions not through his own merits but balls-carrying. It's sad that many balls-carriers were promoted. Anyway he was given the so called "Golden Handshake" and asked to leave.
Another one who was promoted to the position of assistant manager from our rank  was also abusive and cocky. Whenever he was in a bad mood, he would be rude and shout at us for the slightest thing. The sad part was, this assistant manger was one of us before his promotion.
There was an engineer who was transferred to cabin crew and be our manager for a few years. This one too was impatient and rude most of the times. These bosses were task masters and slave drivers who were unfit to be in cabin crew for the simple reason they were not people's managers.
The SVPs were not that good either. Although they were supposed to be the highest ranking staff in the division, most could not empathised with us nor the cabin crew in general. They drew a big fat salary of between 20k to 40k a month plus the generous share options and other benefits.
They listened to the VPs,senior managers and managers whom most of the times gave them wrong feedback. This often resulted in the dipping of the crew's morale and ultimately the service standard on board the flights.
A few of us would dare stand up to our nasty bosses. Most would simply tolerate and cried when they were alone. There was a colleague  Geo who sobbed like a baby after being chewed up by that assistant manager whom I mentioned above. He did nothing wrong except that he was relatively old (about 55 yrs old then) and slow in his work. But what right did that asst manger have to screw Geo up?
I, for one, can't stand that jackass who was not only a big bully but scrounged on others for meals and drinks. I had a few times confronted him on his poor behaviour and bullying tactics. When dealing with this type of superiors, one needs to be confident and know what one is talking about. Look him straight in the eyes and confront him, that's what I did. He, for most of the time backed down when I challenged him.
There was a SVP who would favour the female crew over the male crew. This SVP would even have the audacity to make senior crew withdrew their bad reports on junior female crew. At one meeting, I told him right in his face that he was the "champion of the skirts". Of course, I had a difficult time after that. But then retribution followed because he fell out of favour with his big boss. He was eventually demoted and transferred out of our division.
I really can't understand why some bosses like to make life miserable for their subordinates. We all worked for an establishment but they seemed to think we were working for them and they were our paymasters.
In my working life in cc,I can only think of 2 SVPs who would listen to us the cc executives. I had one SVP who believed in my side of the complaint that he eventually transferred the manager who was in charge of me and my colleagues to another department. Mind you, it was not an easy task to transfer a manager out simply because of a complaint from a relatively junior executive like myself.
I could go on and on about my bosses but I think the above would suffice, at least for now.


Anonymous said...

Bosses only concerned themselves with their KPI.

outsider said...

what is kpi?

Anonymous said...

KPI=key performance index

Stories From The Air said...

Kay Poh Idiot