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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can SIA service be number 1 again?

Hmmm.....the answer is not NO but it will be difficult to be the best in the world again. It's like asking me whether Mohd Ali can come back to be the best boxer in the world like he did many years ago? It is possible Ali can still be the best boxer provided we have invented a time machine whereby he could travel back in time to the days when he a young man. The same goes for SIA service.
There are many potential Ali and his famous coach Angelo Dundee in this world. But can you find them? The answer is a thumping yes!
Since we have not discovered or invented the time machine, we could not bring Ali and Dundee back. However, one thing we can do is to find the likes of those two gentlemen.
The old SIA service is gone and dead but we could revive the same spirit of service and enthusiasm in the new generation crew. But how?? Difficult isn't it?
Not difficult really!
The world and the older crew should forget the old SIA service. They should focus on what the new generation of passengers' needs.
Scoot and JetStar are doing the right thing for a start by providing iPads for their passengers instead of the bulky old entertainment system which is outdated. Not only outdated and bulky but occupy more precious aircraft space and heavier to fly around with.
The concept of low cost carrier was something never thought of in the past. Now it is a reality.
SIA has to reinvent itself. Setting up Scoot is one brilliant way of competing with other LCCs. SIA has deep pockets and will eventually drive them to oblivion. There is a saying " the rich will only get richer".
With the progression and success of Scoot and SilkAir (also own by SIA) SIA can then give more in terms of better inflight service to it's passengers.
I likened SIA to a Mama san who would use her previous knowledge and experiences to woo more customers through her younger colleagues although she herself is too old to "entertain" the customers.
How to do more to bring in better profits would be for SIA management to crack their heads. I am not paid to think for them after all they think I was only a lowly CCE or as one SVP put it "dinosaur" 


Snowy Beagle said...

I attended a class conducted by Tim Russell who apparently had been conducting soft-skill courses for SIA management and pilots (not sure if Cabin Crew too) over two to three decades.

One of the course item was the Strength Development Inventory whereby we answered questionnaires and worked out where we fit in the spectrum of colours (red - aggressive focus on winning, green - cool analytical, blue - compassionate relational and the in-betweens)

Tim commented that the MD (no CEO then) before Dr Cheong was a "blue" who cares a lot about well-being of people, including staff and passengers. Many of the frontline staff then, including pilots, cabin crew and station managers, were also "blue".

Cheong, a mathematician by training, was more "green", and SIA began to be more calculative in its operations.

Tim commented that many of Cabin Crew hired nowadays are not really "people's people" anymore.

So can SIA revert to providing the TOP service - not a NO, but it will take fundamental changes, or rather, fundamental restoration on being customer focussed.

Boh Tong said...

Excellent comment Snowy Beagle.SIA is now more profit focus than anything else. Why? Its because of the fierce competition out there. Can SIA make a decent profit for its shareholders and at the same time be "green" ?.....difficult under the present circumstances but not impossible.

Anonymous said...

SIA in number 3 is good enough considering the morale of the cabin crew