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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Do I have a PAP mentality??

 Anonymous said...
uncle bortong, it is you who is in denial, pay has not risen since i joined years ago, in fact we have all been working more and earning less. Flight these days are not easy at all, with the new crew, most of them cannot make it, look ugly and cannot work.
Look at the prices of food, transport and housing, everything has risen so much, inflation is at its highest, yearly increment is a pathetic 2-3%.
that is why they are hiring foreign crew,they are here to work and earn $$ and then eventually go bac to their country, just like the foodcourt n businesses in singapore prefering to hire PRCs and Pinoys.
We singaporeans are here to stay and retire in our homeland, your thinking and mentality is just like PAP.
Someone left the above comment in response to my post " SQ cabin crew still unhappy?" and singled me out as one having a PAP mentality. It also claimed that I am in a state of "denial".
If I am having a PAP mentality and thinking, why didn't  PAP approach me to join their rank? 
In my post I was saying that the cabin crew should consider themselves lucky to be still employed, had their salary raised,albeit a small increase and even paid a 1.24 month bonus excluding the 13 month pay when the company is not doing too well. The share holders get only 10 miserable cents for each share they have which is not worthwhile when considering the price of each SQ share.
Singaporeans, in particular cabin crew are an unhappy lot. They should look at their fellow beings in other nearby countries where people can't even make ends meet.
In Greece people don't even have money to buy medicines let alone give birth or stay in hospitals. One mother was told to pay up her maternity bills or she can't have her newly born baby. I can't imagine that happening in Singapore.
Unemployment in Greece is over 21% whereas here in Singapore it is only 2.1%. 
In Pakistan and elsewhere, child labour is common. The kids as young as 6 years worked in dimly lit dirty environment for as long as 12 hours a day just for lest than a dollar a day. By the time these kids are in their adulthood,most would be having lung and other dust related diseases.

While their counterparts are struggling to make less than a dollar a day, forgoing their studies and enjoying their childhood, the Singaporean kids are toying with their computers, iPhone s etc and dinning noisily in posh restuarants or in fast food joints like McDonnel, KFC, Pizza Huts etc. 
Want some more doses of reality? 


Anonymous said...

sometimes i really wonder if sia is really treating their staff too well.... make them feel so bloody pampered.... and still can complain and bitch bout a million things.... those cabin crew and pilot suckers still unhappy when turn up at work or complain around should be given the sack.... NOW all we need is some whistleblowers to identify this lot and kick their ass out and replace them with appreciative locals or fts

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
sometimes i really wonder if sia is really treating their staff too well.......

Above *clap clap* ..well said my fren :-)

Stories From The Air said...

I know that doctors only get about $2500 when they start working.

Stories From The Air said...

The luckiest people must be those Ang Mohs. Look at them. They are still well-fed and well-dressed, and well-something else, and the poor Asians are trying to save them from their corrupted economies.