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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grand mother stewardesses??

SIA has agreed with the union to let it's cabin crew fly longer.
Previously, junior stewardesses ( blue kebaya  stewardesses) could fly a maximum of 17 years. The new CA allows  them fly up to 20 years.
For leading stewardesses in the (green kebaya), the maximum flying time is now 25 up from 23 years.
Chief stewardesses and in-flight supervisors (red/purple kebaya) can now fly up to 30 years, up from 28 years previously.
If a Singapore Girl begins her career  at the age of 22, this means that she can continue flying until her early 50s.
Stewards who joined in 2004 and after are on the same package as the stewardesses.
Senior stewards who joined before 2004 were put on tenure and had to leave the company between 55 and 60 years old, depending on their rank. Now, they can work until 62.
The new CA also allows for easier extension of contracts as cabin crew will not have to undergo regular interviews before they continue flying.


Anonymous said...

Do the girls need to maintain their figure? It is hard to remain so slim when one is old.

Boh Tong said...

Old is ok but not fat

Anonymous said...

Your facts are wrong la!

Boh Tong said...

My facts wrong?? Dun tok cock lah

Anonymous said...

it was not the union who got the extra ccontract.it was simply given because SQ cannot keep crew anymore...many are leaving.turnover is over 100 a month.its a national policy to keep older staff bcos ppl live longer and tight labour mkt.company played the union by taking a lot from crew.union not sharp and smart enough to realise the real situation.com[pany very desperate in recruitment.

Not Toking Cock said...

2009 CA where got state so many years? Only 3,4 or 5 (5 year) contracts. You add on the extra years to the crew ha.. Company discretion added years also included meh? So how many crew benefited from the extra years?

National policy or not, crew still benefit la, why still want to stir. Even company extend the working life for the crew. Crew will still have choice to leave what. Company policy or national policy, ppl have a choice to do what they want you know.

BTW, I think you a have to go get your facts right too. Contract is a CA item, sure is from the Union. What talk you??? sigh!

Stories From The Air said...

Used to laught that other airlines have crew who need tongkats. Maybe, SIA's turn is coming.

Anonymous said...

Consistent with national retirement age (going up over the years) although a bit late liau! Guess we will be seeing more mamasans (red and purple kayaba). I've noticed that they will not serve but only give instructions to the crew. I was only served meal once by a red kabaya Japanese lady in Y class, from Narita to Changi. She was the most beautiful SIA chief stewardess I have seen, and she told me she was the trainer of the new Japanese recruits.