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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

" I am blessed bla bal........"

Whenever we meet this retired IFS he would not hesitate to tell us " I am blessed with money, good health...." (would be more blessed if he has a smaller waistline)I have met him at least 4 times in the past year, at various functions and he told the same old story...." I am blessed bla bla..."
This guy is single and he drinks a lot. We think he is lonely and boastful. Whenever he befriended any girls whether they are old or young he would repeat the same old thing..." I am blessed......" And what usually happen is the girls will take advantage of him. They will drink silly with him and make him foot the bills which may come up to a couple hundreds a night. And they will make fun of him and giggle behind his back.
It's better to donate to charity since " I am blessed bla bla..." than to treat those women. There are so many who are unfortunate out there who aren't blessed.
Give to charity la fren. Ya, some of you may say he may have given money to charity on the quiet but knowing this guy he will start blaring out at the drinking sessions.
Actually this " I am blessed..." is an ok bugger. But he is such a boring person and you would wanna keep him at arms length. He would spoil the party every time he joins us. After a while of ignoring him, he would leave the scene with the excuse of " I got to go off now to meet a couple of beautiful chicks......" (as though to make us drool).  Many would say " good riddance to bad rubbish" after he leaves. Really sad to be in his shoes.

BT: any ladies out there wanna meet that old chap? Sure I can match make for a small fee. He owns a fully paid private apartment and has lots of cash. Email me if you are interested and also under 18 yrs old is welcome.


Anonymous said...

Smok'en John??

Anonymous said...

why old people like that?