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Friday, July 27, 2012

My Interview with MSA

My Interview with MSA (Malaysia S'pore Airlines)the predecessor of SIA was in Jan 1968. There was no such thing as a walk-in interview those days. We had to write in response to the ads in the newspaper. If the airline did not grant us an interview they don't even reply to our application.
I remember having 3 men as interviewers in the room. One round and that was it. They would let us know whether we were successful or not by post. There was around 100 over guys that day at the interview. I was interviewed in the morning. 
I still remember wearing a pair of black pants and a white shirt with a matching blue tie. To be honest the clothing were newly bought and they cost me $50,big deal in those days ( price also included shoes and socks). I was at my best,confidently humble.
I was asked to sit in a corner of the interview room on a little chair while the interviewers were sitting on swivel chairs in front of a long huge table. It was almost like a interrogation session rather than an airline cabin crew interview. Questions flew left and right but in the midst of all these I was cool.
I particularly remember one question and the answer I gave which I think scored the most points. I was asked why should MSA employ me as a steward. My reply kind of shocked them but I could see they liked my answer. I told them..."Sirs, if I could get into MSA,I would turn the inflight service upside down" which they asked what I meant by that statement. I said "I could even pull up the standard of service which is already high by giving my all and Sirs, if I fail to deliver as I promised I would resign or you may sack me!"  They were awed by my confident answer after which I was told to leave the room and they would inform me by post.
Many of my friends told me I was too bold in my last answer. But a few told me the answer was unusual and unique and they bet that I would get the job.

Two weeks later I received a letter of employment from MSA . I will be recruited provided I passed my medical test.......the rest is history now.

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