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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes my SVPs listened to me

There were occasions when my SVPs would listen and believe in me, a lowly cabin crew executive. They took actions against their senior managers and managers whom I complained against or at the least veto their actions. It was not because of anything but simply because I had stronger points or cases against them.
One example was the case of a trainee who was rude to me. The training manager refused to take action against the trainee. She sided with the trainee but I suspect she didn't like me and it would also involved a lot of paper work should she decided to sack the trainee.
We understand to sack a trainee is a serious decision but in this case it would do the company good. If she could be blatantly rude to her instructor she could also be rude to the passengers.
I complained to the SVP (the most senior staff in the cc division) and without much hesitation instructed the manager to sack the girl.
Another example was an aggressive and obnoxious trainee steward. I wanted him fired but again the manager (a different one) refused. This time I did not even bring up the issue to the SVP. He heard the case from another manager at a management meeting and on his own accord fired the trainee. He told the meeting " If our CCE is upset over the trainee's behaviour, we should listened to him and take action against the trainee".
The two SVPs knew it was good for the company that actions be taken against the trainees and crew alike whenever the CCEs put in a strong report against them.
Most managers would sweep the dust under the carpet and tell all the positive things to the SVPs. The managers did not wanna be the bad guys.
There was another case whereby it was between me and my senior manager. He was an inexperienced man from the HR division and was transferred to cabin crew to be my boss. He was a big bully using his old HR's tactics of intimidating his staff into submission. There were things he did which I will not blog about but to cut a long story short, I complained to the SVP. Within two months he was transferred out of my department ( please note it wasn't SIA's practice or culture to   side a CCE (junior) against a manager (senior).
I have worked under six SVPs during my tenure with SIA. Most were reasonable bosses and a few were asses.
Perhaps I may I follow up with a post on those bone headed SVPs and managers.

Legend: SVP is short for Senior Vice President ( the big boss of a division in SIA)

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Yes name and shame them SS. But also give praise to the good ones.