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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Retiring cabin crew told me this......

Retiring soon... has left a new comment: You must undertsand that UFS (upward feedback system) is here to stay. Co dont want to spend money on sending CCE on board to check IFS.. IA cannot do the check becos problem with same rank.. ( staff grade sama sama... how to check?) So.. the next best kiam kannah thing to do is to embrace 360degree concept from USA.. Anyway.. all the CCE dont have sufficient on board experience to check.. so many lobang for IFS to 'siem'. Management is obssesed with cost.. any cost.. and are blinded by it. So.. just wayang with the crew.. "tong cheng!" here... "tong cheng!" there. Wayang with the union also.. what have you got to lose? ( already lost the back side!) Save enough $$ Retire in style


Anonymous said...

why do cc always give negative comments about sia?

Anonymous said...

Negative comments by cc? Ask SIA management for they should know the reaons.

Anonymous said...

Management do not show any compassion or welfare for the staff.

Remember during the SARS outbreak,management took a very drastic action by laying off staff.

Outrageous decision!

From then on all crew knew that there is no loyalty working with this airline.

Until today SIA will NEVER EVER be No.1!


Anonymous said...

SIA is more interested in making profits thereby neglecting staff welfare.

Anonymous said...

Now thanks to Mr KPI man Tan Pee Teck, all our inflight catering stuff have been cut..quality sucks and quantity has been reduced...

SIA is only about the brand name, it has the worst management and staff welfare in the world..

Anonymous said...

You know its bad when they start to cater sunshine bread in slices: 2 for each pax.

You know its bad when 1 can of coke for 2 pax

You know its bad when Green tea bags are supplied according to pax load

You know its bad when tech crew begin to bring their own food.
( and you dont have a share either)

Soon you will have to bring your own bath towel during NS.. they negotiated for even lower rates.

Once its like that, you will begin to behave worse than cheapskates.. forget the glamour.. its passe.