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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The rich and generous gamblers

During our stops at outstation there were many things we could spend time on. One either gamble,smoke,flirt with women (not necessarily stewardesses) or drink . There were some crew who don't do  any of the above. They would perhaps watched TV or spent their time sleeping, shopping or window shopping. A few would look for business opportunities by networking with their passengers and friends. 
Of course these days you have your laptops or iPads to keep you company.
As for me I used to visit casinos. I loved playing a game called Baccarat. 

Briefly Baccarat is a comparing card game played between two hands, the "player" and the "banker." Each Baccarat coup has three possible outcomes: "player" (player has the higher score), "banker," and "tie." It is a game of chance with the casino having a slight advantage of about 1%.

It was at the Perth (Burswood) casino where I met a nice gentleman from S'pore by the name of Mr. Yap. He was a high roller at the casino. He wagered big stakes and as a high roller or a "whale" he was given free hotel rooms, meals, free first class air tickets etc.

It was around 2 am in the morning and there was myself, Yap, the card dealer and her supervisor. Many of the gamblers had left.
I got to know Yap after an hour at the gaming table. He had lots of chips with him, perhaps to the tune of a hundred thousand dollars. I had only about two thousands.
My bet was about $100 each time but Yap's bet was $5,000. 
We got to know each other better as the game progressed.
Yap asked me where I was from and by his accent I could tell he was from Singapore. I told him I was a SQ crew. Later on we spoke in Hokkien.

At one stage, I was almost down to zero chips and Yap without hesitation passed me  2 pieces of $5,000 chips. I politely refused the offer but he insisted. He told me I could pay him in Singapore if I lose them.
We carried on playing and by early morning, Yap and I won.
Yap made about $50,000 and I about $3,000. 
I returned the $10,000 I borrowed and we called it a night.

Yap told me he was a businessman and he visited the casino regularly.
He had his family with him most of the time staying at the casino hotel.
He had lost quite a bit (he has lost about $2 million in that year)and was actually wagering "small"  stakes that night when I met him.

There was another man I met on a flight to London. We knew each other. He used to own a few gambling dens. 
On this flight, I visited a casino with him. He being a member signed me in.
In London, one has to be a registered member to gamble in any casino. I was not a member. It would take up to 48 hours to be registered as a member and it's free.
This gentleman was known as Wong. He didn't gamble much. We played the game of Baccarat and he won two thousand pounds . I lost a few hundreds.
After the session, Wong brought me to the casino restaurant for a complimentary meal. Wong was so rich and generous to the extent of giving me all the two thousand pounds he won that night. I thanked him and he advised me not to gamble since I was only a wage earner. He said he could afford to lose but not a wage earner like me.
There were other rich gamblers I had met but the above were the most generous.

I have visited the casinos in Singapore only twice. So far, my luck was average, meaning I didn't win much. I am less inclined to visit the casinos here because of the levy I have to pay to enter.

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