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Saturday, July 14, 2012

When you have 2 big bosses on your side....

The highest rank in cabin crew was the position of a check steward/stewardess. Sybil was a check stewardess and a bad one too. She did not earn that promotion as far as we in cabin crew knew.

The director of cabin crew was secret lover and the union leader was her cousin. Sybil liked crew who kowtowed to her and also those who bought her gifts and booze. She was an alcoholic and used to steal alcoholic drinks from the plane.

One day, we had the misfortune of having Sybil on our flight. I was an IFS (Inflight Supervisor)back then. Sybil was one rank my senior and her job was to appraise our work performances. Well, if you could lick her pussy (yucks!)she will give you a good report. If you can't then you will be in trouble (who wants to cos she was fat,matronly and ugly).

On this particular flight Sybil gave my crew and I a difficult time. She went around the cabin from the first class right down to the back testing us with questions regarding our work when she herself did not have knowledge of.

You see Sybil had an accelerated promotion, leapfrogging from a stewardess position to that of a check stewardess ( 3 ranks up). She was promoted due to her strong connection with the union chief and the director of cabin crew.

In the middle of the flight, Sybil handed me the names of my crew she was submitting to the office for " poor work performances" . She sought my opinion since I was the crew-in -charge. When I disagreed with her over certain aspect of the report, she threatened to "book" me too.

At this point I was really pissed off with her. I told her to go ahead and report me too. This she did and charged me for insubordination which could cost me my job.
Sybil complained to Captain Caviar who unfortunately was the commander of the flight about my attitude towards her.
Caviar asked me to support Sybil's report regarding my crew and my name would taken off from the list of complaint. I refused and stood by my crew.

A day after we returned to Singapore, I was summoned to the office to answer Sybil's compliant about me. My director asked me to apologise to Sybil for what seemed to be my fault. Again, I refused.

Many of colleagues advised me to compromised with my director and Sybil. They told me I would eventually be a big loser as Sybil had the backing of the union chief and the cabin crew director.
I knew I had not done anything wrong and I told my colleagues I was not afraid of being sacked.

My crew was called up by the office due to the report made by Sybil. They were furious because they knew they were being victimised. One senior crew had a meeting with the other crew and decided to petitioned against Sybil for her high handed action. I was also involved in the petitioning of Sybil.

As expected, nothing happened to Sybil and that encouraged her to keep the screws on the crew whom she did not like.
This went on for months until one day a gutsy leading stewardess by the name of Anne reported Sybil for stealing a bottle of liquor from the aircraft.
By this time, Sybil had no support from her lover boy director for he had been retired. The new director did his job by sacking Sybil for theft after a long disciplinary enquiry.

The union chief was transferred out of the airline industry after the authority  found out he had secretly made a under the table  deal with the company to extend his check stewardess wife beyond the retirement age.

Once again, I survived being victimised


Jacky said...

Lucky you BT! Anyway, those who are good will be somehow protected by the higher power. The good always triumph.

Boh Tong said...

Yup I do agree with u Jacky and that's why I was not afraid.

Anonymous said...

U r da man again Uncle BT!

May Sayil or Sabil or whatever rot in hell and go Desker Road let horny banglas lick her pussy if she likes being licked so much! Kekeke.............

Boh Tong said...

aiyo why talk about desker rd? U must be in my generation cos younger ones dun know about desker hor?

Anonymous said...

Uncle BT, you really got balls, man! At that time, you were a gutsy young lad. Can I ask, if you would have done the same now, or what advice would you offer to someone younger in the same postion as you were?

Boh Tong said...

Ya u r rite man cos now i am old and my balls have shrunk lol...won't dare to do things i once used to do.
My advice is not to be like me taking such silly risk. Best is dun get involve la.

Stories From The Air said...

Once Sybil shouted at a crew for not wearing his cap, across that parade square.(Airport tarmac). You can imagine how fierce she was.

BTW, bottong, the director: was it Captain C-gar?

Sybil also got a small family connection: don't play play. Her sibling also kenna sacked.

Boh Tong said...

No,cannot mentioned names la otherwise I kena sue how??

Stories From The Air said...

Only yes or no mah. And ware got names mentioned?

Boh Tong said...

Not Capt C-gar la but this one smoke cigars hahaha

Stories From The Air said...

Kapitan Cigar lah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Cannot be anyone one else.

Anonymous said...

On one flight, this Sybil wanted to test one of the crew, the name of the sparkling wine served in EY.
But she did not know the name. So, she took out a bottle from the chilling bin to look at it. Then, she tested the crew. What ajoke!