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Monday, July 16, 2012

The World's Best Airlines 2012...SQ No.1??

 1. Qatar Airways
 2. Asiana Airlines
 3. Singapore Airlines
 4. Cathay Pacific Airways
 5. ANA All Nippon Airways
 6. Etihad Airways
 7. Turkish Airlines
 8. Emirates
 9. Thai Airways
 10. Malaysia Airlines

Source here.


Qatar said...

SIA going down hill ha ha

Anonymous said...

I think SIA service on board is still very good.

Snowy Beagle said...

Seriously, at this banding, there is little objective distinction between number 1 and number 2 (or 3 or 4 even).

How the rankings come out is all up to subjectivity, how respondents happen to feel at that time.

It's also the government's fault here - they liked to boast of international rankings when things are in their favour, so many Singaporeans take rankings too seriously without real understanding of the significance or how much rankings can be depended on.

What I am certain is that hardly any passenger is going to book Qatar instead of SQ just because of the ranking, or SQ over CX just because of the ranking either.

To the price-conscious, budget still matters more if there is a choice.

To the less price-conscious, it's a matter of which airline offers the desired timing, and also better service recovery in case of delays etc.

My wife sworn off MAS no matter what because they messed up her connection at KLIA more than once.

That said, airlines like Qatar have poached a number of SQ staff, not just cabin crew, but also overseas sales managers etc.

Mongrel said...

Snowy in terms of flying there is not much difference btw 1st or 2nd or 3rd etc but it is the pride of the airline and country to be counted as the BEST.

Anonymous said...

Too much PRIDE get to their HEAD!

That's the reason.


Snowy Beagle said...

"it is the pride of the airline and country to be counted as the BEST."

Pursuit to be counted the BEST for its own sake is Phyrric, Sisyphean and Quixotic.

In the first place, the main objective of the airline is not to top rankings but to be profitable.

In the second place, rankings are subjective - it is unfeasible and impractical and actually detrimental to aim to be ranked the BEST all the time.

In Olympics, winning a gold medal will generally generate sponsorship deals of higher commercial value than winning a silver medal.

That is clearly not the case with topping rankings, even Skytrax rankings.

Rankings may be nice, but putting myself in the position of
1. airline staff/shareholder : I'd
rather the company is profitable and get more $$$ for myself
2. passenger - offer good value and service for the price