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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Despicable Passengers................

You complain and criticise the cabin staff when you fly with them. You make demands and treat them like your maids. Even maids should not be ill treated in the first place. Just because you paid for your tickets, you think you could treat the crew in whichever ways you like. Yes I am talking about those muttonhead passengers. They deserved a place here to be known as "despicable and shitheaded".
Now don't come and say that I am or was anti paxs. No, no I am not anti anybody. I am anti those few. The majority were good people but it took a few to tarnish the image of the others. Anyway if the "cap suits you then wear it".

There was a very wealthy first class passenger who had the habit of throwing the pages of his newspaper on the cabin floor after reading them. He would then gesture to the crew to pick them up.
Another one would walk the whole aircraft and "hunt" for women passengers as well as stewardesses. He would flout the safety rules and do whatever he liked on the flights eg walked around when the "fasten seat belts signs" were switched on. He was a filthy rich old fellow from Malaysia. He once offered a stewardess $10,000 to accompany him on a trip to Europe. The stewardess turned down his offer and chided him in their own Chinese dialect  "you are a disgrace to our clan".

If they did not get what they want they would threaten the crew with complaints to the company. Many resort to name calling. There was one who even spat at a stewardess for something very petty.

One first class pax spat on his shirt and complained to the chief purser that a certain stewardess on the flight did that to him. In fact that moron was jilted by that  particular stewardess......ha a personal vendetta!

A few had beaten the stewards simply because they either did not get their choices of meals or missed their flight connections. Absurd isn't it? But these things did happen.

One of the worst paxs I ever had were Singaporeans. Some of our own pilots families flying for free, at times thought their father/husbands owned the air planes.
Most of the time they flew first class and their children would dirty the cabin and toilets. The wives would act "high and mighty" with the cabin crew.

One chief steward I met recently told of his encounter with a terrible biz class S'porean pax.
According to the cs, this ass was a regular or PPS pax. He abused the crew because he couldn't get an upgrading to the first class cabin. He made life difficult for the cs and the crew who served him. He accused the crew of not heating up his meals correctly, serving unchilled wines etc.. He threatened the cs with a sack because he didn't upgrade him. He claimed he had good relations with our ceo and chairman.
One week later, that pax's photo was in the obituary page of the Straits Times. Apparently, he died in a car accident. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
Before I forget, the one who spat at the stewardess  died of a heart attack recently at the age of 50 something.
There you are when you treat people unjustly. They celebrate your departure and curse you even after you have been long gone. Your RIP is Roast In Pieces...haha.

I had an encounter with a caucasian pax on a flight to Bangkok some years ago. He abused my stewardess because his choice of meals were not available. I challenged him to a fight at Bangkok, a place near the crew hotel but he didn't turn up. He was wise not to meet me that night or else he would have been beaten up by some Thai men.

Sigh....I really had enough of those shitty paxs. Buying a ticket does not entitle one to push the staff around.

I heard the situation has not improved. Paxs are still abusing the cabin crew and ground staff.
I was told there are many cheapskate PPS/SPPS paxs who would "tar pow" food from the Silver Kris Lounge and bring home for their "dogs".

You may say " if the kitchen is hot then get out". It's easy to say that but many of the crew and staff have got families to feed and they will still continue to be the receiving end of the bullying.


SQ Pax said...

Sometime when one is coop up in a small space like in the aircraft,one could be irritable. Easiest way out is to get on the cabin attendants. I feel sorry for the crew really.

Boh Tong said...

SQ Pax being in a confine space or not does not give one the carte blanche to treat the crew poorly. They are there to earn a living and please give them some respect.

Anonymous said...

There was a so-called upstart lady who owns a big watch company,eatting her grapes and spitting on her F/C table and asking my L/SS to pick up the seeds.

Not watch wearer said...

Owns a big watch co.? ok ok I can guess who she is.