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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Prepare early.

The sales of the E-guide for cabin crew wannabes would surge a few days before the SIA cabin crew interview. I am very grateful for that although I think it is not a good thing for the wannabes. One should prepare herself/himself long before the interview and not wait for the last minute dash. The same goes for my Talks. If I advertise it long before the interview, few would be interested to attend. Many will wait for a day or two before the interview. By then, I won't be conducting any more.
I won't go into details as to why a last minute hasty preparation is not advisable. Many succeeded because of careful advance preparation. So prepare early and you would be more confident of getting the job. My 2 cents worth as an ex cabin crew interviewer.

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Malaysian said...

Stinkaporeans kiasu mah always last minute study for exams.