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Friday, August 10, 2012

SIA's ex CEO Mr Lim Chin Beng and other hotshots

No CEO or Chairman in SIA, past and present could match the charismatic Lim Chin Beng. He was our CEO in the early years. Not only did Beng made lots of
money for the company but he had the ability to mingle and empathise with the crew. Beng was an unassuming man. He was a good listener to the crew's problem 
 Although he was a CEO, he has never thrown his weight around. We always welcome Beng on our flight. It was really a great pleasure to have him on board with us.

Mr Pillay was Beng's boss at that time. However when Pillay flew with us, we felt insecure and scared. Even the pilots detested the presence of Pillay. The reasons were simple. Pillay was fond of going around the plane testing the crew with difficult questions and at times there were no perfect answers. But anyway under Pillay, SIA made tons of money too.

Dr Cheong and his successor Chew CS (both were CEOs) were not as unassuming as Beng. When we had these 2 on board the flights, they would not even bother to talk to the crew nor enquire about their well being. They were the "bo chup" type. However, we did not mind having these 2 as our passengers unlike Pillay.

The other Chairman like Koh and his successor Lee were typical chairman. They earned their title, I supposed because they would merely sit in their chairs throughout their flights,never even utter a nice word when the crew served them.

My personal opinion as to why Beng was appointed as our ambassador after he retired from SIA was because of his good mannerism and charisma.

As for the current CEO Goh,very little is known about him. I met Goh once when he acted as our big boss for a short while when our SVP Sim was away in Harvard. Goh came across as a good and nice chap,very sharp too. He was in his late thirties then, young enough to be my son ( I told him that and afterwards he insisted I address him as Choon Phong and not the customary Mr. or SVP Goh)

I once examined a toilet in the first class cabin after Beng's wife had used it and found it be clean. She had wiped the wash basin and kept the floor spic and span after use. Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew did the same thing, never once left a dirty and messy toilet after using it.(one of cabin crew's yardstick for measuring a passenger's social behaviour)

Talking about toilet cleanliness, Pillay once alerted me to a first class toilet which was in a mess. Why alert me hor ? He should clean the mess cos after all he was also on SQ payroll right?
Till today, I still wonder who had used that particular toilet. 


Anonymous said...

P was a slave driver lah BT

Anonymous said...

Koh Boon Hwee SIA's chairman?

Anonymous said...

I cant stand the one top far right. Complained against me once for petty issues.

Anonymous said...

That boyish guy is sia's ceo??

Robin Hood said...

All arseholes earning big bucks when other fellow Singaporeans are struggling to make ends meet

Anonymous said...

Pillay thought you were his toilet cleaner haha

Botak's ex Boss said...

Botak ceo quite good but made a bad decision to buy 49% of VS

Anonymous said...

Only 2 that earned my respect.
They were Pillay and Lim Chin Beng.
I served the 2 of them Pillay was on the B727 and Lim was on the B743.
Yes indeed the latter cleaned the toilet after use.