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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Talking about Hari Raya Puasa

Hari Raya brings back some unforgettable memories for me. It was about the people at the place I used to work. It was also about how these people used the festive occasion to promote their agenda.
Below are a few that I could recall without any difficulty. If I can recall more and hopefully pleasant ones I will definitely blog them.

A senior steward who could not function efficiently on board resort to inviting the management staff to his house for the above festive occasion now and then to secure his job. Another one would invite his seniors to his durian plantation in Johor during the durian season. There was one who would by survival instinct  invite his bosses to his house for the Hari Raya celebration almost every year.

The above were secured in their positions. The latter was promoted to higher office.

The Chinese and Indian crew also did the same thing. If you do this sort of thing the bosses will say your are a team player.  Having "team spirit" is a very important quality all crew must possess.
There is one character who would send hampers to the bosses.
During Chinese New Year he would give ang pow to the bosses' children.
Today, he is sitting in a senior position in the office. This type of act is called " angkat bodek" in Malay.

Since this is a Hari Raya season, I won't talk much about the Chinese New Year or Depavali invitations. When the time comes I will blog about them.

Tomorrow I would be having my " Nasi Minyak" in my Muslim friends' houses.
" Nasi Minyak" also brings back some memories. If anyone of you know the older and senior cabin crew ( a few are still working in the office) ask them about the "Nasi Minyak" stories.
Btw for those who does not understand the Malay language,it means "Buttered Rice".

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