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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why stewards molest stewardesses?

There are numerous reasons why a steward molest his female colleagues. The male crew are generally not sex maniac or the chee ko peh types. Most are decent people out to make a living. When I say stewards, I am referring to all ranks, from a junior steward to a supervisor (all straight guys cos gays don't try on stewardesses).

The main reason I can think of why molestation happen so frequently in the airline is because of the nature of the work and the whole system in cabin crew.

Victims of molestation are usually the young junior stewardesses. The senior ones are unlikely to be victims. This is because either they are "old", worn out or simply just too clever to fall victim. Besides, they are perceived to know how to complain whereas the newbies are ignorant of the channels of complaint. The junior stewardesses are also too scared to complain against their senior male perpetrators.

A junior stewardess in trying to score a good appraisal from her senior male colleagues may unwittingly try to be "close" and "teasing" in her approach.
Her senior male colleagues would instinctively take advantage of the situation.
One example of "teasing" is touching and behaving "lovingly" towards her male counterpart. In return, the male crew would react "positively".
Tell me which cat won't eat the fish that is dangled in front of him? It must be a sick cat if he refuses to eat or attempt to eat the fish placed in front of him.
Likewise, a male crew would not be normal if he does not react to the way the treatment was dished out to him by the young stewardess.
Then the next thing that happens is when the steward try too hard, he would be accused of molest. The steward would be looked upon as a molester and subsequently fired from his job.

The question is who started it in the first place? I know of many decent well behaved female newbies who were not molested. Why is that so?
The answer is  because they carry themselves with dignity and know their job. They do not have to curry favour their male appraisers to get good reports.

Another reason for molestation is also because of the partying during their stops at overseas stations. Many stewardesses get high on drinks and then compromised themselves. The boys simply take advantage of the situation.

There was a case in my ward whereby a stewardess was raped by her chief steward during their night stop. The stewardess's boy friend (not a crew) had repeated warned her not to drink or party with her male colleagues. But she did not heed her boy friend's advice.
How did I know of this case? It's because the victim told my manager  but begged him not to make an issue of it. Her boy friend whom she was going to marry  would leave her if he knew the truth.

The chances of being reported for molest for the older stewards are more than the younger stewards.

Out of curiosity, I once made a survey and found that younger stewards do molest their female colleagues but most got away with it. They are more easily forgiven because they are younger and better looking than the older ones.
One young steward told me that if the male crew was as old as the stewardess's uncle or father the likelihood of getting a complaint was a hundred times higher. The stewardesses won't forgive me if I molest them because it irks them to think their own father has molested them.

So guys especially the older ones better watch out. Leave the girls alone and don't ever fall into the traps and get stigmatised as a molester or rapist. It's really not worth it.


Anonymous said...

Many got away only the unlucky ones were apprehended.Do you agree Bohtong?

Boh Tong said...

How wld u know u lucky or not. Best thing is don't do it and it applies to all things in life. Hey do what is right and dun do anything wrong.

Jeslyn said...

Hi, uncle Boh Tong, I'm Jeslyn form Malaysia, 20 years old. I'm currently working in Singapore lawfirm, as a Court Secretary. I have gone through the requiremenst of SIA, and I saw it need to have 5 credits in my "O" level included English(B3). Unfortunately, I've got only 4 credits without my English. Any also, my face is not very smooth. Do you think that I still have the chance? If yes, I would like to attend your lesson and to prepare for the coming interview!

Boh Tong said...

Jeslyn u need 5 O levels including English otherwise u will be wasting your time applying. No need to attend my course unless u are thinking of appyling for other airlines besides SIA.

Ex steward said...

I once tried on a stewardess who let me hugged her close to my chest while we were dancing in HKG. She refused to let me even kiss her let alone take her to bed. I got the idea that she like me but nope she was just being a good sport during the dance.
Luckily for me she did not report me or I will be in deep trouble.

Jeslyn said...

What if I have an IELTS cert to replace my English in O level? Or any others higher qualification, like diploma etc?

Boh Tong said...

Jes.. a recognised diploma will overide your O results.

Betty Hsueh said...

hi bohtong you are so hand some, so do you have passengers or colleagues attracted and trying to flirt with you or make advances? Don't have to shy hee ;p
take care

Boh Tong said...

Thanks Betty for your compliment.I am just an average guy. Yes I do have colleagues as well as male and female passengers making advances but I usually turn them down. The ones whom I was attracted to seldom with me a chance...hehe

Anonymous said...

Uncle BT, why do you think pax like to chee-ko stewardess in flight?

Boh Tong said...

Betty it's because stewardesses give the impression they are easy to get(only about 10%). Another reason is because they somehow look glamorous in their uniforms. Can u think of any reasons?

Anonymous said...

Will having a mole at the nape of the neck be a cause of rejection in the skin check stage? I have one that's not very big, but it's obvious.

Boh Tong said...

if it is obvious u may get rejected but it depends on your luck.