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Monday, September 10, 2012

A fruitful Sunday seminar for cabin crew wannabes.

Three hours of participation in the cabin crew wannabe seminar wasn't long enough on Sunday at Clear Minds. Participants asked a lot of questions and the group was very active.
After 3 hours and 10 minutes, I have to hand over the classroom to another tutor. We proceeded to a nearby McDonalds joint. Not all wannabes joined us except 6 of them. The place was deserted due to the rain but it was good for us.
We spent another hour discussing how to pass the coming SIA cabin crew interview ( 22 Sept). It was a lively participation.
After the rain had stopped falling, we dispersed and left for home.
For those who have missed yesterday seminar, there is no need to fret. I am going to  conduct another this coming Sunday (16 Sept).
Details are at
I look forward to helping you, the wannabes. See ya on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Luke, I'm tempted to attend your talk but I'm hesitating as I have concerns over my age & smile. I'm 29 but I look younger. My teeth is not messy but I've slanted smile line. The furthest I've went is the kerbaya fitting at 3rd round. Pls advise if I should forget bout being a flight attendant. thanks..

boh tong said...

A bit "old" but I can't say for sure you will be rejected.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply...
In that case, my chance would be drastically reduced due to my age even if I attend your talk? Age will still play a vital role though I look younger than probably 25? How bout those who are young but look older than their age.. =/

boh tong said...

Yes your chances will be better if you are younger. For those who look older than their age but in reality they are younger than you they stand a better chance.