Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Budget airlines stewardess who was ...........

Early this year, I met a sweet young girl at a cafe. She came up to me and said she knew who I was. "You are the famous Luke from SIA, the man who helped people get into the airline as stewardesses and stewards isn't it?" her glimmering eyes sparkled with excitement. I replied coolly " Yes I am Luke Tan" and stretched out my hand to shake hers. " I recognised you because I have visited your blog and seen your pictures and videos. I have read how the no hoppers got into SIA (she meant people who had no hope of being recruited by the airlines) after attending your Talks. I am super impressed with you" she said with a twinkle in her big brown eyes.

She introduced herself as flight stewardess Jean from a budget airline. I invited her to the empty chair next to me. She sat down and I ordered a cup of cappuccino for her. I could feel the excitement in her voice as she talked to me about her job and how badly she wanted to join Singapore Airlines.

Jean had been to the SIA cabin crew interview a couple of times before but was not good enough to be recruited as its cabin crew. She asked me for help. I asked her to attend my seminar which I usually conduct before an interview in Singapore. She was of the opinion that her slightly crooked teeth was the main reason she was rejected by SIA.  She flashed her teeth unashamedly and I noticed
her teeth wasn't that bad. It was not about the teeth I told her. It was something more that the interviewers were not pleased with. It was about the way she spoke and the body language that could have disadvantaged her.

Jean now wanted me to coach her personally instead of attending my Talks with the other wannabes. She was willing to pay me the $400 fees. We fixed a date and after exchanging our mobile numbers we went separate ways.

As I was driving home that day I was thinking of the things Jean told me about flying for a budget airline. It was tough she told me. The pay was low and not enough to cover her expenses let alone save for rainy days. It was hard work with minimum crew serving hundreds of passengers.
The passengers were not very nice. They would wanted freebies as though they were flying with SQ or other premium carriers.
On budget, one has to pay for drinks even water, entertainment systems, food etc. They were unhappy and scolded the crew for charging them things they asked for.
Crew had to give long explanation why they were charging for water etc.
Flights were always full and crew had to rush to carry out the service.
Management was unsympathetic and all they wanted was to make the crew work more for less. Bottom line was extremely important the crew were told.
Those were the reasons Jean wanted to work for SIA where life would be relatively easy.

The day arrived whereby I started to coached Jean. It was at Clear Minds Education Center. I went through with her the whole process of what the interviewers were looking for in their candidates. I advised her on many things and asked her to improve on them.

Jane didn't realised her weaknesses. I won't go into the details but I told her she must try and improve on her weak areas. Jean took my advice and was very grateful for the lessons.

Eagerly she went for an interview a few days later. To our disappointment, Jean didn't pass round one of the interview. She cried on the phone when she told me of her failure. I comforted and told it would take more time for her to improve.

Sadly, she failed again at the next interview. She emailed me many times as well as called me and ask me to help her. How could I help her but to teach her and guide her. I can't pull strings cos I don't have any connection or power to do that.

Alright, it two failures after my coaching. Jean failed, I think 3 or 4 times prior to my coaching.

One day, I spoke to Jean on the phone and coached her again. It was a good feeling and I knew she was better prepared this time.

A week later, Jean attended another interview and this time she passed with flying colours. I was happy for her and also proud of myself for helping this desperate lady. Of course Jean was overjoyed and cried when she told me of the result.

As a practice, I would usually request for a testimonial from the successful wannabes. This would encouraged the others who had failed before to try again for the job interview. Indeed I asked Jean for her testimonial. She told me she would email me her testimonial.

Even till today, a few months later, Jean has not email me her testimonial. She does not respond to my phone call nor my email. She tried to avoid me and that's how I am feeling.

I feel sad and disappointed at Jean's attitude towards me. I keep telling myself not to get personal but merely consider the whole episode as a purely business deal.

However, to be honest this was not the first of such cases. Many had ignored me after getting into the airlines but they did not have much impact on my feelings. They didn't asked for help like the way Jean did. They didn't asked for my shoulder to cry on like the way Jean asked me.


Anonymous said...

Wow uncle BT, you powerful! Young sweet thing throwing herself at you and paying you somemore!
Be sure that when you are coaching her personally, you have a chaperone, just in case (^_~).

boh tong said...

Thanks for ur advice.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, I am a SIA fan. Whenever I encounter excellent service by SQ CC, I will leave compliments in SIA website under my Krisflyer a/c, with the identify of the CC. I used to receive acknowledgement from the customer service...that they will transmit my message to the CC as a form of encouragement, and thank me for my feedback. Some times I do leave comments for improvement (w/o identifying the CC name of course). I last left my compliment about a stewardess in July. This time no answer at all from SIA. What happen to the customer relations recently?

boh tong said...

I really don't know how these people operate. Perhaps, it's the individual staff who is lacking. He or she could be a new staff,unable to cope with the workload.
On behalf of SIA (although I am no longer with them)I would like to apologize. Very sorry....

Anonymous said...

Heard of the word "UNGRATEFUL"?


boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
Heard of the word "UNGRATEFUL"?

BT: Perhaps she thought she had paid her fees and that's it.

pureenstrawberry said...

2Uncle Boh Tong, dont worry. God sees that. You will get more blessing from God for being so kind. While i read the story i can image the whole process. I understand how painful your heart is.This happen to me...

I recommended a stranger to join my ex-company(i called my manager to gv her a chance for an interview on tat same day and persuade my manager to hire her as well as persuade my manager to gv her Employment Pass. Reason: she wanna apply PR)). After she joined she never even say thank you. Kept saying wanna treat me but it have been more than a year she joined my ex-company. She never even treat me once. Instead, i was the one that treated her. Anyway, my bf and frens said forget it! God watches us. Huh...long story. My msg is uncle Boh Tong, pls dont let this burden u. Tc...
Ps: I apologize if i sounded 'loso' here....Sorry...

With lotsa,
~Dear Sunshine~

Boh Tong said...

Dear Sunshine thank u for ur kind and consoling comment. Most of the wannabes r like tat. There was 1 an ordinary sales girl. I privately coached her ( 1 to 1) at half price thinking she did not have much $$ to pay. I tried my best and got her into SIA. At first it was the same thing like yours..wanna buy me and my wife lunch,dinner etc. Now after 1 1/2 years she did not even reply to my sms. Oh there are about 100+ of such people whom I have helped but not one ever contact me anymore. You shd see the emails and sms they sent me when there were unsuccessful...sigh ..no pt talking about them..

Anonymous said...

You charge for a service of coaching wannabees. It is a relationship of coach and client. Period. The transaction ends when he/she goes home from your class. You should be happy when your coaching culminates in your client getting a stewardess/steward job. If your successful client buys you a meal, it is a bonus. Otherwise, a simple "thank you" would suffice. Don't forget, he/she may recommend others to you.Learn to accept it or it will eat you up. When I was still flying, junior crew would always say "thank you for the flight".I actually did not understand why. But since this was a practice passed down since the early days, I just thanked them in return.

Boh Tong said...

U are right to say "The transaction ends when he/she goes home from your class."
Good advice fren,very thoughtful of U :-)

Anonymous said...

well... wait till she get into SQ, she will know what is a real tough world, definitely not any easier than her original airlines .... to the ungrateful ... i guess she will still b complaining a lot even when she is in SQ! in fact many sq gers wud envy the easy job they r doing in no frills airlines!! SQ is not as easy as they thought it would b!

Boh Tong said...

There is a saying and it goes like this " u never get what u want and u never want what u got".