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Friday, September 21, 2012

Preparing cabin crew wannabes for tomorrow's interview at Sheraton Tower

Yes it's gonna be a very busy day for me. I have a group of cabin crew wannabes waiting for me to advise,coach and give them tips for tomorrow's Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight attendant  interview at the Sheraton Tower Hotel.
I wish them the best and hope all who attended my Talks will get the job. As for the others who have not attended my Talks, I would also like to wish them all the best.
The battle for the job starts tomorrow with possibly hundreds of hopefuls if not thousands forming long queues. It's gonna to be tough as the chances of one getting into SIA is lest than 1 in 10.
Attending my Talks will definitely gives a wannabe an advantage over the others. Even if my participant is average looking w/o skin problems  etc the coaching and tips that I impart to her will give her a big lead over others who have not attend my Talks.
Some wannabes told me my fees is high. My answer is that I do not take in more than 12 participants at one session due to the classroom size. If I could secure a bigger room that can accommodate say up to 20 people, I would not mind reducing my fees to between $50 and $100. Currently, I am charging between $100 and $150 for a 3 hour session. Private (one on one) coaching is $400 for a 3 hour session.
Frankly speaking, I am doing this because of my passion for training and helping people. I can't rely on it for a living and besides I have other things to attend to.
With all humility, I dare say I am the best in this field. I have helped more than 250 wannabes got into SIA, EK, CX and JAL. Remember I won't be conducting this Talks forever and so if you missed it, it would be your lost.


Jeslyn Tiing said...

I failed my round 1 interview :(

Boh Tong said...

Oh u poor thing,should have attended my Talks.