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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

High connection??.. but the boss didn't care two hoots.

Her work contract was being renewed time and again even though her work performance was unsatisfactory. She was a supervisor but had strong and high connection in the company. Let us call her JP ( not her real name)

Unfortunately for JP her new boss didn't like the way she operated. Being a people's person, the new boss listened to the complaints from the junior staff regarding JP. No longer able to tolerate JP's nonsense, he terminated JP's contract.

JP was furious with the new boss. She contacted her connection and lodged a complaint against her boss's "high-handedness".
The XXX (bigger shot) called the boss who terminated JP's contract and asked him to reinstate her. This new boss was a man of principle and stood by his decision. He risked being in his XXX's bad books but he didn't care.

Later, I found out from my source that JP's connection was the wife of the XXX. Fortunately for the XXX, he didn't pursue the matter and JP had to pack up and return to her homeland.

Another case involved a consultant the company hired. She was a consultant with the company for a long time. She had absolute control over some matters in the company. Some senior staff favoured her because of her connection with some hotshots in the company.

Unfortunately for her, the new boss I am talking about terminated her consultancy contract. Of course she was upset. Like the above first case, the consultant too had high connection. She complained bitterly about the new boss.
The same thing happened but the boss stood by his decision. This consultant as in the first case had influence over the wife of another XXX.

I was told the consultant's husband being a businessman at that time gave huge discount to the senior staff when they bought expensive household items from him.

The third case involved some duty free items. The connection went even higher than the XXX level. I do not want to mention about this case here because.....aiya I am so scared la.....

In today's context, the above cases would be investigated by the CPIB and there would serious repercussion if anyone is found guilty of favouring people in return for their gains.


Anonymous said...

corruption is the word

Anonymous said...

Like CNB and SCDF directors' cases? Wow should report to CPIB man.