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Monday, September 24, 2012

Cabin Crew Very First SVP

Singapore Airlines cabin crew first SVP (Senior Vice President) was Captain Segar. It was back in the mid 1970s when the number of cabin crew swelled from a few hundreds to one thousand plus that we needed  a SVP ( It was known as DIS or Director of Inflight Service).
Capt Segar was a affable boss who was also understanding and approachable.
Under his charge, morale in cabin crew was high. We had lots of compliments from our passengers. Capt steered SIA inflight service to its best.
Whenever we had a problem,Capt would help us.
He was an aircraft pilot but was "grounded" and "dragged" into the corporate world. But he excelled.
In many ways, Capt was different from all the other SVPs we had in cabin crew.
In my 35 years with SIA, I have worked under six SVPs and Capt was one of the best.
Capt enjoyed our company which included Beng, Adrian, Jeffrey Chia, Eddie Lim and myself. We were Check Stewards at that time. Almost every morning, we would gather at Eddie's office to drink our coffee/tea and have a chit chat with Capt Segar. Eddie was the cabin crew training manager back then.
There were occasions when there were exciting boxing matches shown "live' over the TV and Capt would allow us to watch them in one of the classrooms. He would join us whenever there were boxing matches featuring Mohammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Sonny Liston etc.

Capt didn't like people like Clarence the union chief and the company's chairman. He nicknamed chairman as "God" because he had the power to do anything to anyone back then.

Capt retired from his post when he turned 55. It was a sad time for us as his deputy was promoted and became our SVP. The new SVP was not a well liked boss and he screwed up cabin crew. Morale was at an all time low and eventually he was booted out.

I understand that Capt died in Scotland where he resided after retiring from SIA.


Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why senior/retired big bosses are nicer than young punks? One of the reasons is NS. SAF trains them to run an organization like army camp. Uncle, have you ever had a lady boss?

boh tong said...

Yes I had a few lady bosses.