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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can you beat this one?

Representative of a group of CC wannabes said...
This is an information thread made to help people. And many consider 

this and use it to gauge whether they ought to go for the more costly 

seminar by BT. If BT claims that he can help and yet helpfulness isn't 

. And only approve post thereby 'censoring' his reviews how 

can we be sure? It's likely that some of the anonymous posts are made 

by himself to defend his own self interest. I bet this won't show up on 

the thread. If this shows up then it truly means he is unbiased and a 

honest helpful person. Else most of us here would rather put our money 

in the other blogger selling tips. At a much affordable price too.

BT: The above was left as a comment to a posting that I made here

The person who left the comment must have been upset with me

because I did not publish or gave him or her the reply expected.

With this sort of attitude, I can't see how he or she could get into the airlines as a member of the cabin crew. Remember the interviewers are no fools for they can detect such " character flaw" in the candidates.


Cabin Crew Manager said...

Sheer arrogance! Let me know who this person is and I will make sure he/she would not be an SQ cabin crew.

LSS Annie said...

Desperation is the word. He wanted help from BT but could not afford to pay. He asked questions which BT felt that only his course participants could ask and get answers from him.

Boh Tong said...

Lss Annie I did help the wannabes who asked questions in my blog. But there were certain questions which I thought were silly and did not deserved replies eg. my height is 157 cm do u think SIA will accept me? I have a scar on my hand. My teeth are slight crooked but I am sweet...bla bal

Anonymous said...

Tuition is so entrenched in our young ones' lives. Even going for cabin crew interview also need tuition!!!