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Monday, September 3, 2012

Ex chief steward's 6 years in an Aussie prison

Jin ( not his real name) spent 6 years in a Sydney jail for carrying heroin from Singapore into Australia. He was a chief steward at that time.

After arriving at Sydney Airport, he was stopped and frisked by the custom staff. Jin instinctively knew he was a target of a tip-off but did not panic. In fact, he asked the custom officers whether he was being targeted. They did not answer him.

He was searched and they found A$10 million worth of heroin in his brief case.
Jin pleaded guilty and was sentenced to more than 6 years behind bar.
However, due to good behaviour, Jin was released after spending 6 years in the Sydney prison.

Today, Jin is back in Singapore and leading a normal life.
I tried contacting Jin but was told he was not willing to talk about the incident.
No, I didn't want to find out about the drug conviction stuff but merely want him to relate to me about life in the prison.
In fact, I understand he obtained a degree while spending time in the jail.
He was also a prison cook and a well liked inmate.

I hope he would tell me more about his life behind bars someday. As for now, Jin is distancing himself from his ex colleagues.

Staying on the subject of imprisonment over drug offences, I met Ron a skinny small man of about 60 years old at a coffee shop recently. He told me he was caught in Singapore carrying drug. He was a small time local drug courier. He told me of the circumstances that led him to commit the act and how he was arrested.

Ron was a heavy gambler. He gambled in the Malaysian Genting Casino. We do not have casinos in Singapore back then. He also punted on horses. He lost a lot of money and he was forced into the drug trade to pay off his debts.

For each trip of carrying a small quantity of pure heroin he was paid $5,000. It was an easy job he told me as long as one was not caught.
He got away with the crime a few times.

One night while waiting in his car  for his contact to collect the drugs, he noticed a couple hugging and kissing each other as though they had not met each other for a long time. Ron ignored the smooching and waited patiently for his contact to arrive. The thought of the $5,000 pleased him because he had repaid his debts and it would be another trip to Genting.

Ron's contact arrived a few minutes late. Without an apology, the contact took the drugs and handed over the money to Ron.

All of a sudden, the smooching couple drew their revolvers and pointed at Ron and his accomplice. " Don't move and stay where you are, we are from the Central Narcotic Bureau" the couple yelled at them.

Ron and his accomplice were arrested and charged in court. Fortunately for them, the drug they were dealing was 2 gram short of mandatory death sentence.

Ron spent 6 years in prison and was caned 6 times.

Today, Ron drives a taxi.


Anonymous said...

Why is he keeping away from his colleagues?

boh tong said...

It's cos he wants to forget the past and move on.

Anonymous said...

Australia has no caning.

Anonymous said...

Read carefully because Ron was arrested and charged in a Singapore court and canning was part of the punishment.