Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Female bosses I worked for.

It was not a bed of roses working with female bosses. Most tend to be emotional and gutless. The situation was made worse when these bosses were unmarried career women.
Not only difficult to please, most of my lady bosses were also inflexible in decision making. Once you cross their path you  would be doomed in your position, never to get promoted or a pay rise. But if you were in their good books, you would get whatever you want.
To be in the bad books of the female bosses was easy but not the other way round. Once you utter something unflattering about them you would be marked for life. At meetings, they listened to every word you utter and would condemn you if it was not said in their favour regardless of whether it was for the benefit of the company.
These bosses were also full of prejudices. Being female as one of ex manager was, she would favour good looking male trainees. Once I  charged a male trainee for indiscipline, my female manager sided with the trainee and refused to take actions against the trainee. In fact, she asked me to withdraw my report. However, if the case was one involving a female, she would be quick to act especially if the trainee was pretty.
This same boss kept contacting me even after we had left the company. Once she was asked by a Chinese airline to help train its cabin crew and she called me to assist her. However, due to her ignorance, the deal fell through. The signing of the contract never came about and we were left in the lurch.
When I started conducting my seminar to assist the cabin crew hopefuls get into the airlines I asked for this particular boss's help by endorsing in writing which I could place it in my blog. I did not offer her a share nor asked her to help train the wannabes. She refused and to make matter worst, she stopped calling or emailing me from that day onwards. She felt I was doing better than her in the outside world and that must hurt her badly. To our seniors, we must and should never be more successful than them. To them we must always be inferior than them.

The situation was the same with the senior female cabin crew. Ask any junior crew what I have said here is correct or not. It was and still is difficult to work under these so called bosses. The young and new stewardesses were the ones being bullied. The more good looking they were the more severe treatment they got.
These young girls would prefer to work under senior male crew.

Coming back to the office, there was a high profiled female boss who would ram tough policies and work down our throats. All she cared were results and good ones too. Even her male superior tolerated her and let her called the shots. As a result, the division suffered.

There were others too but I think the above would suffice.

Btw there was a female manager by the name of Mrs. Siak-Peh Bee Hong who was an admirable and understanding boss. However, she didn't last long in the company because of heavy politicking. It was SIA's loss to see her leave. After SIA, she joined a bank and was doing extremely well I was told.

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