Monday, September 24, 2012

Have a HEART even if have no VOICE or CHOICE!

My late grand mom once told me a story about a flock of sheep and their beloved shepherd called Aron.
It was a cold winter night somewhere near Jerusalem and the sheep were getting very restless because
they claimed their shepherd Aron did not take good care of them. Honestly, the shepherd did try his best
to keep his flock warm and their stomach full. It was a difficult situation and the shepherd although poor and had very little to eat still make sure his sheep did not starve.
Thinking they had no CHOICE, the sheep had a secret meeting and majority voted to kick their shepherd out. They had been quietly negotiating with a couple of sheep from another flock who had the VOICE to let them take over the leadership.
A few nights later, the sheep from the other flock together with the rebellious ones overpowered their poor old shepherd and drove him from their land.
There was much jubilation amongst most of the sheep and they celebrated over the fall of their shepherd.
Not long after their so-called victory, the sheep noticed that a few of their brethren were missing every other day. Their flock was getting smaller by the day.
A few who opposed the overthrow of their shepherd conducted an investigation. To their horror, they found their missing brethren were eaten up and their bones were scattered all over the field.
Another shocking discovery was the so-called sheep from the other flock were actually wolves in sheep's clothing. These wolves were actually leading the flock of discontented sheep and ate them up one by one.
When I asked my granny what was the moral of the story,she replied " You'll never appreciate what you have until you lose it" and "If you have no VOICE or no CHOICE then you should have a HEART".

BT:  Pls note that perhaps only SQ cabin crew would understand the meaning behind the above "Grand mother's story".


LS George said...

Where is the CA Toni?

Anonymous said...

George I think the hard copies of the CA are distributed to the members already.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense how come i have not received one?