Thursday, September 27, 2012

IFS to retire at 62 years old (Hurray they will be celebrating at Happy Crab)!

The latest collective bargaining between the union and management has to some extent benefit the older crew. I am talking about the extension of the retirement age for Inflight Supervisor or IFS. They could work up to age 62, 2 years more than previously allowed.
At the moment 2 IFS have reached age 60 and they are going to continue to work till 62. One setback is that they would not be collecting their gratuity of $50,000. However if  they opt to leave at 60 they will be getting the gratuity. The choice is theirs.
The question here is whether the IFS are being taken for a ride. Most of them would be getting a monthly salary of about $4,000 by age 60. If they continue to work for another 24 months, they are actually getting half that salary due the forfeiture of the $50,000.
During that extended 24 months of employment, the IFS have to be careful not to get into any kind of misconduct. If they are sacked or asked to leave, they would not be getting a prorated payment of that 50k.
Health wise, at that age of 60,one would be more prone to sickness and diseases. With flying at the rate the airline is going it is all the more taxing for an old guy. It's no joke flying through different time zones,eating and sleeping at irregular hours.
Agreed there will be meal allowance, incentive flying allowance etc which may come to a few thousand more but one has to ask oneself whether it is worth it.
Most IFS would have been quite comfortable,financially speaking and should look for something else like a hobby,playing golf or baby sitting their grand children to happily occupying their time during retirement.
Is life all about working and  earning more money?
Personally, I wanted to leave at the age of 45 but my bosses won't allow me. Therefore when SARS struck in 2003, I seized the opportunity and left.
Today, I am happier doing my own things and don't have to worry about going to the office, report punctually for flights, kowtowing to the dumbass passengers and as well as tolerating the politics and hypocrisy of the office.


Anonymous said...

Kenna conned wholesale by SQ

Anonymous said...

Work till drop haha

leaving on a jet plane said...

Stay so long and acquire ZERO skills.

Only how to offload and hide in galley.

Anonymous said...

Acquired cooking skills from cooking in hotel rooms during n/s with mr.sanyo and can work for happy crab

Anonymous said...

my sentiments exactly....

Innocence said...

What does mr sanyo means?

Anonymous said...

Mr Sanyo means crew cook in portable sanyo pot in the hotel room esp the stingy crew who love to hoard all their $$$ n buy landed property but health wise not healthy.