Sunday, September 23, 2012

Like a dog that returns to its vomit.

Some years ago the management were of the opinion that the cabin crew executives or CCEs were a pain in their necks. First of all, we were made CCEs which was a lower management position by the late Devan Nair who was at that time the  NTUC General Secretary cum adviser of SIA industrial matters.

The management of SIA harboured a grudge against the CCEs especially after they won a case in the arbitration court pertaining to their salary.

The position of the CCE was created in 1981 and abolished in 2003 when the majority were coerced to leave during the SARS crisis.

The management felt that the CCEs were not productive and overly paid.
Today 9 years after abolishing the post of the CCE, the management is reinstating it. If the CCEs were unproductive and overpaid why revive the position?

I think this is a case of a dog returning to its vomit.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that always the case with SQ??

LinCH said...

Aiyah, they were tricked into leaving. They were not forced to stay .

IFS Eddie said...

Management svp SKW was very clever in getting rid of the Ninjas haha

Anonymous said...

Why are they called "Ninjas"?

Boh Tong said...

They were called ninjas cos their uniform was black and they appear on your flights w/o your knowing...zoom!

Anonymous said...

"Management svp SKW was very clever...."
You think so? In the end he was booted out with his "Buddy".
His buddy was transfered to another dept.
He may be wealthy who cares but for sure both of them will be cursed for mishandling the situation during the SARS period.

Anonymous said...

SKW is an arse hole.After the CCEs left, the remnants like Edmond Tay,Thomas,PH, Aleem and others were told their colleagues were gotten rid off.