Sunday, September 9, 2012

Seminar for cabin crew wannabes today and 16 Sept.

I will be conducting the above at Clear Minds today. I have both male and female participants who are very keen in the flight attendant job especially with Singapore Airlines. They paid me between $100 and $150  for a 3 hour session. I think they stand a far better chance than those who does not attend my seminar.
If the participants are average in looks (don't have to be very good looking) and have fairly good skin, attending my seminar will give them a 60 to 80% advantage. If not, their chances are around 30%. I am saying this because it's difficult to get into SIA due to the huge response and keen competition. Suitably qualified people from other countries are also allowed to attend the interview in Singapore.Go and have a look for yourself on 22 September at Sheraton Tower Hotel. There will a long queue of around 2,000 applicants on that day.

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Anonymous said...

A crew was caught & arrested for putting 4 cameras in FSS deportment room in STC. Voyeurism I believe..... many chances

Anonymous said...

where got such scheming crew??