Thursday, October 4, 2012

She felt humiliated at SIA cabin crew interview

Dear Forum Editor,

Good day to you.

I'm a Singaporean who's very proud of my flag carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA) and it's a brand I hold in high esteem.
I'm sharing my experiences in this letter because I'm concerned Singapore Airlines is loosing it's competitive edge.

I was a candidate at the most recent SIA cabin crew walk-in interview.
It was a negative experience for me because I met a difficult interviewer at the one-to-one interview.
I answered the interviewer's questions accordingly and when I tried to elaborate relevant points, he made this retort a few times-"did I ask you?".  I was courteous and genuinely simley during the interview and the interviewer told me to stop smiling.  The warm smiles of the Singapore Airlines cabin crew is one of their signature traits.  Shouldn't a cheerful disposition be a desireable trait in a cabin crew candidate?  When I told the interviewer I want to work for my own flag carrier instead of other airlines and I'm willing to learn to improve myself, he replied sarcastically, "did you go for a course to prepare for this interview".  I was rejected after the interview.
I'm not disgruntled because I didn't get the job, I can accept if I'm unsuitable.  However, the interviewer's attitude made me feel demoralized and put down.

In July this year, I had a different experience during the Emirates Cabin Crew recruitment campaign organized by Sass Atlantic.
I credit and appreciate Emirates and Sass Atlantic for making it a positive experience, even though I was unsuccessful.
The Recruitment Officers from Emirates were professional, encouraging and kind throughout the selection process.
Sass Atlantic staffers provided invaluable assistance and guidance to all candidates.

In sharing my experiences, I wish to highlight that any job interview should be the candidate's platform to promote himself and his qualities that make him suitable for the job and the interview decorum should be in accordance with the company's image.  If the job interview isn't properly conducted, how will the company suss-out the best candidate for the job.  Some candidates for airline jobs may become the target market or potential passengers of the airline they interviewed with.  The interview experience will affect how the candiate perceives the airline in future. If SIA doesn't address these issues, I'm concerned they'll loose out to competitors.

Thank you for your attention.


Anonymous said...

Interviewer was unprofessional and needed training like the old guard CCEs whom the co. booted out.

Anonymous said...

No wonder service is down.Interviewers whom i assume are management staff cannot even do a decent job.

Victim of SQ cc wannabe said...

I got e same treatment too. Wake up SQ!

Anonymous said...

Count your Blessings as you were not selected.

Would you want to work for this sort of company?

Such harsh interviewers, imagine the enviroment you going to work in.

Speak volumes of the mentality and culture of the management.

One door shut tens doors open.

Not your loss but a BIG loss for the co.


Stylistics said...

You can imagine what sort of work climate they have!

Geesh!.. better fly with CX or Emirates!..

Dont let this keep you down.. you're meant for greater stuff!

Anonymous said...

Wah familiar name...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha yeah familiar name...

Anyway I heard those interviewers are junior AOs? Hmm...poor candidate. That treatment was really unjust.

Anonymous said...

These interviewers getting more and more out of hand. Just because they have to deal with many candidates and working on a weekend does not mean they should show such attitudes. If they do this again those unfairly treated candidates should really write to Straits Times Forum of newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Take my advise,apply for CX,Emerate.Better pay plus more benefits as you get more senior.
I should know as I had been flying for 38 yrs.
I wanted to join CX but unable to due to family's pressure.

Anonymous said...

Oh well. .. Apparently I went for the interview as well, guess what? The candidate who literally copied my answer got in for the first round. So now I know they're looking for copy cats. But then again, sometimes it's just not our luck. So, chin up and look for a company that knows how to appreciate you. Being a cabin crew has always been my dream job, but well, if it's not meant to be its just not. :)

Anonymous said...

I dont think the interviewers are intimidating at all. I went 7 times for the interview and finally got through!!! I think the interviewers are nice people. It depends on your attitude i guess. The interviewers doesnt seem to like interviewees who are trying to hard to hard sell themselves. They like humble people who can hold a conversation without having to slang your english or be overconfident. Thats my point of view!

Lingxuan (Grace) said...

It is a good thing you found this out during the interview itself.

I should have notice how rude their management staff were when I went for SIA appointment letter signing.

Totally regretted it when I joined the airline as a trainee. I was so sick and they didnt allow me to take mc during my training days. So I pushed myself to go for the training despite being sick. On my second actual flight i had high fever. Nearly fainted in the plane... really tahan and see the doctor. He gave me mc despite I was on probation. I know I have to take the MC if not I would probably die from the sickness. My probation got extended because of that. And I quit the airline.