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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Man molested SIA girls fined $10k and the hidden camera case.


Anonymous said...

Why molest?? Pay these girls and solve the hassle of prosecution. Cheapo ch-kopek

Anonymous said...

SQ gals are like kids.

Anonymous said...

They are prima donas mah. Give me I aso don't want YUCKS!

Anonymous said...

False modesty and unable to handle situations with professionalism.

You never hear of these things with CX

Always running to management or hiding behind rules.

Please, cant you respond like mature ladies? Just tell him off in no uncertain terms.. sending males to prison, police is such a singaporean way female response.

Its no wonder that men are looking elsewhere for brides.

Anonymous said...

So very true why must SQ gals complain of molest when other airlines do not? Maybe SQ gals are more sexy? Rubbish because they are very ugly and love to cry wolf.

Anonymous said...

What to do? Some gals throw themselves to male passengers, tech & cabin crew. So, ppl might think others are all the same. Latest news from the GS that a 20years old crew is a nimpomaniac.