Saturday, September 15, 2012

Upward Feedback System (UFS)

The UFS is for the junior crew to inform the company on the work performance and conduct of the senior crew. In most aspect, it is an appraisal done subtly by the junior on the senior although it is being denied by the bosses. If it is not then what else could it be?

Since the introduction of the UFS, the morale of the seniors has dipped to the extent they would try to be nice by not correcting the wrongdoings of the juniors.
Why should the seniors be strict with the errant juniors?

How will the CEO and Chairman feel if their juniors like the EVPs and SVPs use the UFS on them?

I think the UFS should be scrapped. It would not augurs well for the company. It creates distrust between the seniors and the junior.
The UFS was introduced by TPT and now that he is gone the new boss should do something about it.

Many practises and things that had done well for SIA had been thrown down the drain, so to speak. That's one of the reasons why we are no longer number one in inflight service.

BT: To me UFS means Unnecessarily Flogging Seniors.

On the topic of Japan:

After the fallout of the Fukushima nuclear disaster Japan is not truthful about the level of radiation contamination of their here.


Anonymous said...

Fine with me.

I want to work till 57,then 59 then 62.

Just follow the book.. why rock the boat?
Those who did, got the sack, or did not get extended.

Don't be kheh khiang.

Don't bother them and they wont bother you.

Sex C said...

Me too why act smart ass right?

Boh Tong said...

Ya la u above 2 r rite!

Anonymous said...

Where r we now?
Most want the money till they die.. The money, not the work.. Just boss around, pretending to do paperwork..
We have the same systems hardware ,if not better or worse than other airlines...
But our culture was the winning formula..
Tweak the systems hardware in line with future development is good...
Tweak the CULTURE that brought u up to No.1 is suicidal.

How come dun realise?
It's becoming a "cult of personality" issue.
Those on ground wants to feel VERY important all the time & surrounds themselves with boot lickers..
Those good, passionate, speak their mind sort r being clamped down as insolents.. Being marked out in favour of those with no substance but just good @ carrying balls...

I can give u more thots, hopefully they dun find me and mark me out.

Sincerity said...

To Anonymous 18/9

Crew are selected due in part their innate desire to serve. This is determined through various screening methods. ( not entirely foolproof)

This trait is sincere and rarely faked. ( if it is, it will show itself in time )

The people in STC are fake, insincere and best to be avoided. ( beyond a 10 meter pole )
This blogger too is ex management.

But its ok.. he has been defanged and inoculated.

Leave if you find your values are in conflict with those who churn out circulars and directives.. otherwise all the best if you choose to stay.

If you stay, I am afraid, after your 15th year and beyond you too will be absorbed into the pit of snakes... yes,, chinese included.

boh tong said...

Hey Sincerity I know this is a direct reference to me and I quote: "This blogger too is ex management.
But its ok.. he has been defanged and inoculated."

U mean to say I was a Dracula or a poisonous snake that is now defanged and inoculated?
Pls la that's ur view and not necessarily that of the majority. That view is quite humiliating but as one who believe in free speech I will not delete ur comment but instead let it be published here.
Anyway, I would still like to thank you for coming here and took the trouble to comment albeit unfair