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Saturday, September 1, 2012

If a pilot wants respect from the cabin crew........

Most won't really care a damn about what I am going to blog. But to the pilots and cabin crew I think they would pay attention to what I am going to say. I have been there donkey years, 35 to be exact and I know what I am talking about.

If you disagree with me you may leave a comment or two. If you agree you may support me by leaving some comments ( I know it's troublesome to post comment in blogger cos first you would have the verification words that are hardly legible and second, you would have to wait for me to moderate and post or reject it. It is made cumbersome to post your comment but it's done this way to prevent spamming )

It is assumed that a pilot is paid to be efficient and not let the plane crash or cause any accident during his working life. Besides being the above, pilots often want to have the respect of the cabin crew. Yes, they can earn the respect of the cabin crew if they do not:

  •  bother the cabin crew by asking for food or drinks when they are busy
  • demand that they introduce themselves first.
  • dirty the aircraft toilets and expect the cabin crew to clean for them. In fact the pilot should clean after using them.
  • openly show interest in the stewardesses to the extent of ignoring the stewards.
  • quickly obtain their hotel room keys and check into their rooms leaving the cabin crew waiting for their room keys. This is more so if there is a shortage of rooms.
  • ask for free alcoholic drinks to bring home or to drink during night stops. This is more so with tea bags,coffee powder and other edible stuff from the aircraft.
  • take a walk in the cabin with the purpose of "making" friends with female passengers.
  • ignore cabin crew's cry for help when abused by passengers.
  • commit other act or acts deemed to be stupid or disrespectful in the eyes of the cabin crew...


Not Chi Koh said...

I cant stand the chee hong pilot who think nothing but to screw the gals.Bring them to their rooms and pull out the instant coffee or tea bags and make drinks for the gals. Like that how to get a free screw.

Capt Ho said...

Only a small minority does that. Please do not make sweeping statement. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I dare say that 5% of cockpit crew are a bunch of cheapskates....once on board,expecting the crew to serve them,esp when the crew are busy during meal checking n boarding of pax.
That's why some dropped dead after retiring as their wives did not check on them every 45 mins like a crew.

Boh Tong said...

That's a good one about wives not checking on them...haha