Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why fly budget? Fly SIA!

A relative of mine is flying to Australia this coming school holiday with her husband and two children on a low cost carrier (LCC). Desiring to have a comfortable flight, she paid for the extras like wider seats,food etc.
To her surprise she found the total fare was slightly cheaper than flying with a regular airline like SIA or Qantas. She was convinced that flying with a LCC would not be worth her money.
Besides being slightly cheaper, she has to consider if there is a long delay.
LCCs are not obliged to provide hotels and meals in such situations.
Moreover, LCC do not have enough air planes on standby for such situation. Therefore one could be stranded for days in a foreign country on one's own expenses.
Flying with a regular airline is also safer in terms of safety. It has more well trained cabin crew to assist the passengers when there is an emergency issue.
Then there is another issue to contend with. Insufficient cabin crew and a full load of passengers means slower and poorer standard of service on the budget airlines.
It's fine if you are flying alone on a shoe string budget and do not mind the cramped seat and poor service. You would probably save a few hundred dollars.

This is an interesting blog about a budget airline.


Anonymous said...

Penny wise pound foolish

Anonymous said...

BT....aiya why now then you say! I already booked my flight.

boh tong said...

That's Y must consult me first mah cos I am an aviation consultant.