Monday, October 22, 2012

Abusive passengers

A male PRC passenger on board a Singapore-bound Jetstar flight had apparently assaulted an air stewardess when told to sit down because the plane was descending.
He grabbed the stewardess's arm and twisted it until it turned red. The stewardess cried in pain.
To make things worse, he let his kid urinate on the floor instead of the toilet bowl.
The passenger and his wife left the plane laughing at the stewardess.
No report was made to the police on arrival  and the passenger got away with his "crime".

BT:  I get upset each time I read or hear of paxs abusing the crew.Honestly, I wish I was the chief purser of the flight. I was quite used to this type of abuses by passengers. However, I would not let these skunks off so easily.In this particular case the least the airline could do was to file a criminal report against such passenger (maybe scared cannot get more paxs).
I had come across many instances of abuse by passengers, physically as well as verbally. I would not condone such abuses on my flights. With me these cowards won't get away scot free.
There was a flight,many years ago when a pax abused a female pax. I had him brought to a corner of the cabin and let my tougher younger colleagues dealt with him. He left the aircraft with a black eye. If he dared complain, we were prepared to charge him for molesting the female pax (the lady was prepared to make a police report).
On another flight, my stewardess was verbally abused by a pax. She cried and that affected the inflight service. I told the pax off for abusing the stewardess. He challenged me to a fight when we arrived at Bangkok. I accepted his challenge but he did not turn up at the appointed place and time. He would be in serious trouble if he had kept his appointment with me. I had friends like Klahan and Maniam with me.
One of my stewards was also abused by a Singaporean pax. I chided him and he wasn't happy. We agreed to have a fight at the arrival hall car park. He did not turn up. 
Most of these bullies were cowards. If they were truly gentlemen they would not have taken on those poor girls and boys who were out there to make a honest living.
I have dealt with hardcore prisoners and I have more respect for them than these ball-less cowards.
Before I forget,a business class pax who kept scolding and threatening  a chief steward with bodily harm was  found dead in car accident a few weeks later. I am not saying the chief steward killed him but this crew went to the Novena and and prayed earnestly for divine punishment to be meted out to that pax......Karma or retribution is what I will term it.


Anonymous said...

He is roasting in hell like a roasted pig.

Anonymous said...

So will that chinaman & family be cast in hell for abusing the crew on jetstar

Stories From The Air said...

Need more pursers like you

Stories From said...

Why Singaporean Cabin Crew so timid? When I was flying, I know all the bloody crew are so subservient to passengers.

Anonymous said...

How could JetStar let that idiot off? I for one will never want to work for JetStar.

sheenuhbaby said...

My experience with Jetstar isn't really that nice, I requested one of the CC to transfer me and my husband to one of the vacant row near the back and I was told that they can only do it after take off even after explaining to her that I intended to breastfeed my son to avoid pain in his ears & for him to fall asleep. Even called their SFS (she's a Japanese) but to no avail. Wrote a complain letter after arriving here in Singapore but nothing happened, didn't even get an apology letter. hence I prefer to fly via SQ or PAL everytime me and my family flies back home, specially with my little boy around I don't want to take any airline with crappy service.

Anonymous said...

If only there were more IFS like you.

I was molested by a drunk pax twice on a cph-sin flight. Unfortunately the IFS was a cowardly sister. He hinted to me to "forget about it" since "it will be a long and tedious process". The CS, although supportive, didnt voice out cos he was more senior than the IFS. I think he didnt want to override the IFS.

The pax left the aircraft smiling.