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Friday, October 19, 2012

Email about inflight service from a passenger.

Dear Uncle,
Sorry to trouble you but I really hope you would kindly publish this on your blog to share my experience onboard xxxxx with a great set of super crew.
I am a very satisfied passenger onboard xxxx, seat number 30-something, to Bangkok on xx September 2012.Everything on this flight had been excellent throughout the journey and it wouldn’t have been possible without the set of super crew.
I wish to specifically thank the crew serving the whole of economy class middle cabin. They are: Chief Steward, Mr xxxx, Thai Flight Stewardess (whose name was too long, but I remember started with xx) who was assisting him directly serving column C and D.
Additionally, there were another 2 Flight Stewardess from the same middle cabin serving column G and H who also deserved to be highly praised. All 4 of them worked really hard for us passengers, so much so they were literally walking from Singapore to Bangkok.
The Thai Flight Stewardess with name starting with K and another Malay Flight Stewardess (xxx – I hope I didn’t get her name wrong) were bubbly, full of energy, very courteous, very caring, very helpful, have very good memory and bothered to greet passengers in a fresh way. These 2 very unique flight stewardesses really outshine the other Singapore girls in many ways making the start to everything all so good. The experience isn’t like just any other normal SQ flights.
To the 4 of you, THANK YOU and please keep up the excellent job! We passengers really appreciate all of you.
Sadly, there was an ugly purple vase on this flight. While the rest of the crew were working till their “kebayas become mini-skirt”, this particular ugly purple vase only stood at 31H yakking away throughout the whole 1hr50mins flight! His mannerism, body language, one hand on hip and the way he stands (one leg shaking and body leaning against the aircraft wall) while yakking with the passenger tells me that it was neither serious business nor service recovery. Goodness me!
Not just that, when the rest of the crew were busy with other passengers, and call bells near him were lighted, this ugly purple vase totally ignored and continued yakking. He even ignored a passenger at 34H who had raised her hand to call him over. He has caught the attention of most passengers around and everyone was talking about this ugly purple vase!
This ugly purple case should not be extended to age 62! Really bring down SIA! I hope the Management will hear us and investigate on this ugly purple vase to do justice to the affected passengers and rest of the crew onboard.
Uncle, thank you for your help.  

BT: I do not want the name of the IFS to be published here for obvious reason. I have asked the pax to write to the airline. Anyway thanks for the email.


Abbote Giles said...

That's a pretty bad way to disturb such an almost perfect flight. I hate purple vases like that too, just when your day couldn't get any better. I hope the management hears you on that one too.

boh tong said...

Abbote....SQ management does not consider my blog a bona fide or official blog so they couldn't care two hoots with what u and I say over here.

Anonymous said...

names being given...rather fishy...and lets be honest on a BKK fligt the ifs will be working in jck being j/y config..I am not a senior crew but looks like someone is trying to fish for points here...Sorry but it sounds too personal from what I read... No offense but today most of the seniors and juniors work well together...AQll the lazy guys have retired and btw there are also lots of lazy junior crew as ranks of fs/ also ifs/ifss...No paticular rank has a perfect crew even in management,,Cheers

Boh Tong said...

Since u think it's fishy I have deleted all names in the email.