Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I am not ashamed to be one of them ....continues

The reason I turned to blogging about spiritual things was mainly because of a dream I had a few nights ago. In this dream, I had a fishing line with a live prawn bait. I threw the line into the river mouth and tried to catch a fish. Fishing used to be a pastime of mine and like all fishing enthusiasts we know that using a live prawn as a bait would give us a good catch.
Suddenly there was strong tug at the other end of the line. I was really excited and felt I had caught a fairly big fish. I pulled hard only to see a big frog at the end of the line. I took the frog and examine it. It was about a kilogramme in weight and quite big for a frog. It was not a toad but a nice and edible frog ( some people like eating frog here in Singapore).
When I woke up I asked myself what was the meaning of the dream. I realised that perhaps it was God who wanted me to testify his great Message of grace to some big time sinner.
Just to side track a little, the people in the bible who convert others were sometimes known as " fishers of men". I am a nobody but a backslider but I am given the opportunity to be of service to God. I am a also a " fisher of men".  But a frog? Yes a frog is, according to the bible an unclean creature. So we will see whether my dream was from the Almighty.
No,no....I am not a preacher because I am not worthy to preach the Gospel. I am probably like Mary Magdalene in the bible, a sinner save by God's grace, who was given the honour to testify to people the grace and love of God.


Grace said...

I am happy to read your humble sharing of God's grace and forgiveness :) May God use you to bring healing and hope to many~ Jesus transforms lives & saves us from eternal condemnation.

boh tong said...

Amen Sister Grace...PTL!