Thursday, October 11, 2012

Japan/S'pore on SQ and the Super Jumbos A380s

The flight back was much better than the one from S'pore to Japan ten days ago in terms of inflight service.
Cabin crew were more alert and attentive. Visibility of crew in the cabin was more pronounced. Honestly I want to mention the names of the crew who did well but I am not sure whether SIA's cabin crew management would mind. In fact, I took a photograph of a stewardess whom I think was one of the best but would not dare to publish it due to privacy concern.
SIA has 19 Super Jumbos or commonly known as the A380s flying to 10 destinations. More than 9 million passengers have flown SIA's A380s since 2007. During the same period, the 380s have clocked approximately 240,000 flying hours and 24,000 flights. The SIN/LON route is SIA's busiest A380 sector, with 3 daily flights on the Super Jumbo.
From my observation on at least 18 of my flights with SIA  as a passenger, I think the inflight service has slipped a little although it is still good compared to other major airlines.
Reasons for the drop in service could be due to several reasons which I am not going to state here (whatever for when I am not paid haha $$ talk la). Pay a consultant to work on how to motivate the cabin crew to give their best.
However from my past experience as a cabin crew trainer for 28 years, I must confess that SIA cabin crew can still do a good job and beat other airlines in the area of service.


Anonymous said...

Yes why give free advice

boh tong said...

Ya if SQ want advice must pay me mah otherwise they can get Ang Moh consultant..haha

Anonymous said...

I don't like the new dish tray for the main course. It used to be porcelain in E class, but now is plastic. Food will somehow taste different but the tray is lighter for CC to handle. They must be some new materials that look and feel like porcelain but lighter, yet has good thermo property.