Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Senior crew and their "perks"

The more senior you were in cabin crew the more and better privileges you would have. Privileges or perks as you may call them came in the form of sleeping with new and cute stewardesses or stewards,junior crew polishing your "apples",buying and serving you yummy meals,making pimps out of junior crew etc.
Senior crew were of both sexes. Those days the junior crew were like today's maids but with nowhere to report the abuses. One report to the office about these seniors' behaviour will have the whole gang of senior crew coming down hard on you. You would get abused and falsely reported to the office about your "inability" to function as a crew. The bosses would listen to them and not the juniors.
Many of us stewards were made to share hotel rooms with the senior stewardesses who were scared of "ghosts". If we refused, we would be marked and life would be miserable. 

Working with some of the very senior stewardesses were worst. They 
made you worked for them even during the night stops. Besides carrying their shopping for them (those days we don't have trolleys)and sharing rooms with them you would sometimes have to act like pimps for them.
If they were interested in "kow suaing" some rich passengers,you would have to act as pimps for them.You would have to subtly find out whether those passengers were married men or not and how rich were they etc. You would then be commanded to find out whether they were interested in the gals. If they were,then you would have to arrange a date for them. The gals would tried to be the goody goody type to those rich passengers.
At times when these aunties were tired,they would make you massage them in the hotel rooms. These sessions could go on for an hour or two. At the end of it all,the aunties would reward you with a peck on your cheeks. Dare you try to get fresh with them cos would be sacked when you reach home(most had BFs in the office or senior male crew or captains).

The senior stewards were no better. If you do not please them, whether it was about settling their food and drinking bills or write off the debts they owed you etc you will also kena until very chiat lat. They would throw plates,cups, saucers or whatever they could their hands at you if they were angry or unhappy with you. 
I once had a saucer thrown at me because I forgot to stow it for the landing. On another flight, I had to jaga outside the toilet for my chief steward who was screwing a female passenger. During one night stop in HK, I was made to wake up as early as 6am the next morning and tar pow chee cheong fun and chestnut water from the wet market for my chief
steward. Reason for waking up early that morning was because we had an early morning departing flight. Know what? We were made to gamble and drink until 3 am the night before.
Enough was enough I told myself and I lodged a report on one of the senior male crew for bullying me. Guess what? My big boss in the office ordered me to withdraw the report because he told me " do you expect me to believe you or my senior?"
Under the same situation, today's crew would have either resign or kill themselves or report to the CEO.
Ya talking about suicide, one of the stewards around my time could not stump the bullying and had a severe mental breakdown. He subsequently killed himself.

Cabin crew has been and will always be a "rank conscious" work place. The emphasis on rank is very important just like in the police and armed forces. People will look up to you if you have rank. Sure things are changing but not much really. It's so true about RHIP or Rank Has It's Privileges.

Rank consciousness has been ingrained deeply in the seniors till the day their die. Take for example, one of my seniors refused to talk to me because I am doing better than him after our retirement. So was a manager of mine who felt that I am doing better than her in our retirement.
So you see these people were my seniors long ago but they still think that being their junior, I should be inferior to them. They want me to kowtow to them till they are laid in their coffins.


Anonymous said...

Wow hard life...

Is the working culture still like that today?

Anonymous said...

Now it is not that bad because the younger generation has more job option.

Anonymous said...

Typical Human behaviour. When one is up, one is proud. When one is down, one is humble. If the roles are switched around, ie the senior becomes junior and the junior becomes senior, they would most probably also act in the same way.

Anonymous said...

After years of flying from my observation those balls-carrier crew who after being promoted expect the same kind of treatment from their subodinates !