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Monday, October 22, 2012

SQ freeze pilot intake but what about cabin crew?

My guess is the intake of cabin crew would also slow down. There was at least one cabin crew interview in Singapore every month but since the last interview in September the next one will be in December. There is an interval of two months this time which is not common.
There will also be fewer cabin crew interview overseas in places like China, India, Japan, Thailand, Korea etc.
Recession in Europe has made many airlines reduce their flights to and from places like Greece, Spain,Italy etc.
The Fukushima nuclear disaster had also discouraged airlines like SIA, CX and others to Hokkaido and Northern Japan.
Less flights mean the airlines need less cabin crew.
It was predicted this year the combined profits of all the airlines would be about S$5 billion which is half of what they earned last year. The year after that is even bleaker.
Now back to the cabin crew situation. I don't see any more aggressive recruitment of cabin crew by SIA in 2013. Beyond that I can't be sure.
Those who missed the boat would have to wait for a long time to be recruited. Some of the wannabes would have been a bit "old" by then.
My advice is do or die try to be recruited at the 1 December interview.
Good luck!

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