Friday, October 5, 2012

Vacationing in Fukuoka

Uncle flew SQ to Fuk, Japan for a short holiday. The much anticipated holiday turned out to be a property hunting trip instead.
Somewhere near Fuk there are many houses and land for sale. These are properties with hot water from the spring piped in. It means if you build your house or buy a second hand one you would have a specially built bath with onsen or hot spring water flowing non-stop into it.
To me and my family having hot spring bath is an important aspect of life. It is a luxury and a healthy pastime. For more click here.
The prices of the houses are relatively cheap as compared to properties in Singapore. A good example was a house which we were shown( 3 yrs old) of the size of a HDB 5 roomed flat built on a land area of 2,400 sq ft cost about  S$450 to $500k. It sits on a freehold lease land. Ok more of property talk at my other blog

The flight to FUK was smooth. The pax load was about 80% and mostly Japanese returning from their holidays. The  inflight service was not fantastic nor impressive at all. The Japanese fss on depleting the fruit juice did not replenish them. She kept serving the 2 other remaining after take off drinks ( beer and water) to the remaining paxs. When asked for apple juice during the breakfast service she robotically gave me the orange juice instead. The cabin crew were stoic and unsmiling.
The cabin was spic and span and the seats were rather new as compared to most airlines. Well I cant complain too much can I especially when my travel is almost free?
I have much to do here in FUK so I will blog more of my vacation when I return home in 5 days time.

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