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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where are all the analysts?

So far I could not find any analysts or so called experts giving us their take on Singapore Airlines' 2nd quarter earnings (July-Sep). It is end of October and yet no one talk about it. Bad news??  Come on analysts tell us something please. Perhaps you people don't have the faintest idea of how SIA did in the 2nd qrt.

Perhaps, I can play the role of an analyst. Mind you I am just a layman with no experience in analysing stuff like companies' profitability and losses. But looking at the SIA current share price, Q2 result may not be encouraging.
When SIA made S$78 million in Q1, the share price was around $10.70. Today, it is hovering around $10.60.
One consolation though because to me the share prices do not necessarily reflect the performance of the company. There are also other factors to be considered eg global stock market condition, the coming US presidential election, etc.
So my guess is SIA is still profitable in Q2. One of my reasons for being optimistic is due to the temporarily surge in SIA share price a month ago from 10.50 to around 10.85. It fell back after the Dow started to slip. It could have crossed the $11 mark had it not been for the Dow and report of the slowing down of the world second largest economy (China).
Why was there a surge in SIA share price about a month ago,albeit for a very short period only? Again my guess is that someone knew what's on the balance sheet and had leaked the good news. Buying volume wasn't heavy but on a small scale everyday for almost a week.
My not so expert recommendation is buy SIA share now at around $10.57 to 10.60 and you won't regret.

Profit wise for Q2 would be around $100 million (more or less). My 2 cents worth.


Financial Guru said...

BT although I shared your view but I think Q2 profit should be in the region of $200,000,000

Boh Tong said...

F/Guru...dun joke la. SQ can make so much in Q2 meh?

Anonymous said...

Neh! SQ is struggling to keep its head over the water let alone make money. You ignorant rednecks.

Anonymous said...

Thnk for a moment if SQ is losing money the share won't remain stable like it is now at $10.50 cents.

Anonymous said...

SIA will be $8 Jan 2013.. mark my words

-BB aka BIG boi

boh tong said...

$8? I din ask u. I am asking the analysts la.

Anonymous said...

The value of SIA share is about $10 i.e. if SIA was to sell all its assets and return to its shareholders plus the cash holding of $5 billion.

Anonymous said...

3pm 1/11/12 SQ share dropped to S$10.51

kohlichen said...

You lucky not in SQ anymore.

The crazy horses inside still in la-la land. More rules, more politics within not realising that the enemy is at the front door.

Customers not interested in endless inflight service, cup noodles and lights on and off, with endless trolley movements.

Escoffe died more than a hundred years ago, menu needs total revamp, cabin service requires overhaul, bold changes,, not some silly half past six attempts.

First to go should be the dumb idiots sitting at STC who last flew more than 20 yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

SIA earned a net profit of S$90.1 million in the three months ended September....that is for you BT.