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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't need your staffs' blessing... come on ??

When SIA start converting the seats of its A345 to all Biz class config and flew non stop to Lax and EWR, thousands of its staff rejoiced. However,joy turned to despair and disappointment when the staff were told they were not allowed to fly on those routes. Majority of the staff were non management and their once a year hard earned free travel did not include these 2 routes. Reason given was those 2 routes were plied by an all biz class aircraft. The staff cursed and swore at the company.
Now years later, seeing the end of the bleeding is nowhere in sight, SIA decided to return the A345s to Airbus and discontinue the 2 routes.

The buying of  49% share of Virgin Atlantic was frowned upon by the staff. Why should we spent our hard earned cash ( S$1.42 Billion) and shared Richard Branson's woes was the question the staff asked.
It made a loss of S$160 million in the 12 months to the end of this February.
Buying VS caused SIA to bleed even more.
To add insult to injury, Branson used the proceeds of the sale to start Virgin Australia ( at first it was known as Virgin Blue). It is now even more profitable than here.

Until a few years ago, SIA did not bother to find out if a retired staff was working for another airline or not when he or she apply for the once a year free travel. Recently one of its senior staff left and worked for another airline. It cause a big uproar among the top management people. They concluded that any retired staff who joined another airline after retirement from SIA would lose his free travel entitlement. What rubbish! Of course many of it's staff weren't happy with this restriction place on them.

About 10 years ago, a few retired government personnel "parachuted" into SIA top management rank. The staff were told these unwelcomed guests were to take over the reigns of the top management in due course.

One parachuted into flights operation division and became the pilots' big boss. He was so unpopular over there and subsequently removed.
Another one was supposed to be groomed to take over the top post in SIA. He was mistakenly parachuted into the company's carpark and became the chief carpark warden whose task was to punish the staff for driving and parking offences. He became so unpopular that his big boss had to remove him.

Yet there was a smaller fry who parachuted into cabin crew. He was transferred out after the crew's morale dipped so low that it was almost impossible for his successor to do anything about it.

The moral of the story is....If too many people curse you,you will find it difficult to succeed in whatever you do.

Article contributed by Kamar.


Anonymous said...

They will never learn. The backbone of this great airlines are its staff but hell the whole story of our staff is importtant isd only a media story. Get rid of those who have been sitting in one department for too long and start hearing the views of the staff and hold it with value and not marking them whaen they are right.

Stories From The Air said...

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Boh Tong said...

No leh nobody want my blog

Anonymous said...

BT who used my nick?
Where did you get this aritcle from?


boh tong said...

Want my reading glass Karma? It is Kamar and not Karma which is reserved for you la,bigshot!

Stories From The Air said...

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Boh Tong said...

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