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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A rich kid who wanted to be a cabin crew.

Amy emailed me and asked for my assistance to get her into SIA as a stewardess. After agreeing on my fee, we met at a quiet spot somewhere in a cafe. It was 3 pm and the place was void of customers except for us and a waitress.

Amy was 10 minutes late for the appointment. I was 30 minutes ahead of schedule. With all my years with cabin crew, I've learnt to be punctual and never be late for work or an appointment. Therefore my impression of Amy wasn't good.

I was stunned to see how beautiful  and tall Amy was when she appeared at the entrance of the quiet cafe. Straightaway our eyes met. From the very start, I knew Amy would be able to get into SIA without any difficulty. She probably require a little bit of "polishing" (Not Gangnam style but Hainan style haha).

Amy introduced herself to me. She was the apple of her daddy's eye. Dad paid her 15k a month by just showing herself 5 days a week in his multi-million dollar office. Amy was a pampered rich kid.

"Why on earth would you want to be a stewardess?" I asked her out of curiosity. Actually, it was none of my business to find out why my client would want to be with SIA. My job was to train them on how to pass the cabin crew interview. The job was a walk in the park for me as I had 28 years of experience as an interviewer with SIA before my retirement. Nevertheless, I asked Amy that question because she did not look like most wannabes who were hungry for the job.

Amy told me she had never work for anyone except her

father since graduating years ago. She wanted to find out what was it like working for someone else. Besides,Amy wanted more freedom and the opportunity to fly and stop at other countries like the cabin crew does.

Amy tried to get into Silkair but failed at the very first stage of the interview. It was a blow to her ego and now she wanted me to coach her so she could get into SIA.

It wasn't difficult to train Amy for the job interview as she had the "cutting" of a Singapore Girl. She was sweet, bubbly,pretty and courteous. She was also an interesting person to talk with.

After the coaching, Amy went for the SIA cc interview at The Sheraton Tower Hotel. She was feeling confident and the next thing I heard from her was that she had passed all the 5 rounds of the interview.
Amy went for the compulsory medical check up and passed with flying colour.

We celebrated by having a meal at the finest restaurant. It was a happy occasion for us.

However, a few days later, Amy called me on the phone and was crying. Her dad had refused to let Amy be a stewardess. He wanted to disown her should she accept the post.

To cut a long story short, Amy gave in to her dad's demand not to join SIA.
For being an "obedient daughter" dad presented her with a penthouse and a beautiful Mercedes Benz.


Anonymous said...

u r hainanese?

Boh Tong said...

Ya I am Hainanese...know the one who used to sell Hainanese Chicken rice?...haha

Anonymous said...

What's this hainanese style about?
So potent, can result in success rate in becoming cc?

Anonymous said...

It is a style whereby you wriggle your way into SIA cc