Friday, November 9, 2012

Cabin crew get together tomorrow

There is going to be a gathering of the retirees,ex cabin crew,current crew and office staff at the SICC tomorrow evening. One of our better ex-SVP mooted the idea (He  does not want me to mention his name). We consented and yup we are going to have a fun time.

One reservation on my part though cos there are some staff which I am going to avoid. They are the less nicer ex colleagues/bosses. At first I was reluctant to attend but
this ex-SVP managed to persuade me to join in the party. I was kind of giving this
SVP some face so to speak by agreeing to attend.

Talking about the less nicer ex colleagues/bosses, I met one such character who was my manager at a cafe few nights ago. On seeing him after a long absence of about 10 years, I stretched out my hand and greeted him eagerly. He returned my handshake very reluctantly and avoid having eye contact with me. Filled with disgust at such unsporting behaviour I returned to my table and never again want to look at him. Just a note, this manager was an arrogant and aloof bastard who gave us a lot of tough time when working under him. I suppose he would never forgive me because I was the one responsible for getting him out of our department. I lodged a strong complaint against him and my then SVP had no choice but to transfer him away from our department. But now after 10 years, I was naivee to think he has let "bygones be bygones".


Anonymous said...

CPL an asshole

Snowy Beagle said...

It is easier to forgive others for their mistakes than to "forgive" them for our mistakes.

Ah Choo said...

CPL = Choo Poh Leong?