Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is success based purely on luck?

Interviews will be conducted on 24 November 2012 (Saturday) at:
Park Royal Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Level 2
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

For details click here

Interviews will be conducted on 01 December 2012 (Saturday) at:
Sheraton Towers Hotel
39 Scotts Road,
Singapore 228230

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Above are the 2 SIA cabin crew walk-in  interview dates and venue. 

The one in KUL is on this coming Saturday and the other one in Singapore is on the following Saturday.

I wish all applicants "Best of Luck".

Honestly speaking, the wannabes need more than luck. They need to possess certain qualities and personality that the interviewers will be looking for.

Many tried as many as a dozen times but failed to be recruited. These wannabes will keep trying for the job unsuccessfully and before they knew it, they would be too "old" to be ever recruited.
My advice is for those above 29 to forget about vying for the job with SQ. These "over aged" wannabes should go for airlines like Emirates, Cathay, Qatar etc which do not mind accepting "matured" people.
Many wannabes would rather spent hundreds of dollars on items like the mini iPads, iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy etc than engaging professionals to help them ace the job interview.
Undeniably having the above mentioned gadgets is a "must" in today's world. But equally important is securing your dream job (as most have told me).
Perhaps, most wannabes do not trust the ability of these professionals to help them. Or perhaps, they trust those who sell them cheap e-guides or those who would willingly give free tips and advice over the Internet.
Frankly, there isn't no such a thing as a "free lunch". And seemingly if there is then there must be some motive or motives on the part of the giver.
Think carefully before you go for that interview or you would just be wasting your precious time and effort.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they are engaging professionals to help them.

Anonymous said...

even for guys age 29 also dont bother to try??? i have heard guys with the age 30 got in???

Anonymous said...

Yes for guys at 30 yrs old it is borderline case but for gals it is almost impossible.
SQ has its reasons for not taking older wannabes bcox of the no. of 5 yr contract.