Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The late Kelsombe ,a gorgeous stewardess

This was Kelsombe the lovely stewardess (standing)whom I flew with quite a number of times. Kel was a real sweet lovely girl whom I enjoyed working with. Kel left the airline after her marrigae to a tech crew who later became a captain. It broke my heart as well as many of the crew's who knew her when she passed away. SQ has lost a glamorous and hardworking cabin crew in Kel. Few stewardesses could match her love and passion for the job. I will always remember her as the stewardess who would hum a song to console us when the pax load was heavy or full. She was a real morale booster and an encouragement when we had to deal with nasty paxs. RIP Kelsombe......we miss you dearly.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, she's so lovely.Flown with her a few times as a junior crew in 70's.T Is the othe FSS..Heilda? Fogotten her surname...also another fun n hard working crew.