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Thursday, November 1, 2012

MALAYSIA AIRLINES wins the World's Best Cabin Staff award at the 2012 World Airline Awards held at Farnborough Air Show

The World's Best Airline Cabin Staff (2012)

 1 Malaysia Airlines
 2 Asiana Airlines
 3 EVA Air
 4 Singapore Airlines
 5 ANA All Nippon Airways
 6 Thai Airways
 7 Qatar Airways
 8 Garuda Indonesia
 9 Cathay Pacific
 10 Hainan Airlines

Below is one example of an excellent comment from a first class A380 pax regarding MH' services.

First class on A380. Check-in smooth and quick at both airports.
Check-in agent at KUL was friendly and able to check luggage 
through to final destination on BA. 
First class lounge in KUL was nice with a good selection of food and beverages. 
Priority boarding honoured and personally escorted to our seats. Always addressed by name throughout the whole flight on both sectors. Seat itself is wide and comfortable in the sitting position. There is plenty of storage space with a personal closet. Bvlgari amenity kit provided along with pyjamas and slippers. 
Quality of meals on both flights was excellent and plentiful. Dom Perignon served and constantly re-filled without having to ask. IFE was AVOD with a reasonably good selection of latest releases and viewed on a huge screen. Seat converts into a fully flat bed, which was very comfortable for sleeping. Both flights were on time. 
Fast track through immigration provided. Priority luggage delivery honoured. 
Cabin crew were friendly, attentive and accommodating. Overall, this is an excellent first class product that offers great value for money. Highly recommended and I would not hesitate to fly with them again.

 Review by A Williams    (Australia) 

14 September 2012
BNE-SIN-HKG-SIN-BNE. Very disappointing experience all round. Famous Singapore girls not so friendly, the guys were much nicer. Heated towels at the beginning of each flight nice, and meals were generally good. Annoying that they serve all special meals first and make everyone else wait. My first flight on A380 HKG-SIN, no good - seat/tray table filthy, one toilet not working so all economy section upper deck made to share 1 toilet - choice! Asked for tea with meal, got a coffee plonked on the tray table, when I asked again for tea, cabin crew rolled her eyes, snatched the coffee and never returned.



Anonymous said...

SQ has a lot to learn from MH especially in cabin services.

Jennifer said...

SIA cc service has slipped to no.4 due to poor management

We are Sinkaporean said...

Aiyio Jennifer 1 hole in your blanket also complain. You travel economy bcos you have to pay from your pocket. Must support own airline and stop complaining particulary to STOMP (why? STOMP give you free chocolates is it?)

Anonymous said...

Comments are from 1st and biz classes. Those ratings seldom care about economy pax. But I still think SQ CC service has dropped below MH. I have written to this blog about the SQ food & inflight movies before. MH food is better. May be SQ mgt should introduce in-flight casino.

Anonymous said...

MH has hired many former SQ crew. The sacking of many staff during the SARS was the beginning of slip in service.

Stories From The Air said...

Sell the entire SQ and concentrate on Scoot and Tiger.

Anonymous said...

Pax A Williams should email SIA.

Anonymous said...

sack the whole lot of cabin crew mid managers wo are only good at sweeping hins under the carpet and not willing to listen to feedbacks. the crew are over worked under paid and rvrn on their off days made to do courses if not then it will not assist them in their standings. \so with off days being used for courses and cca how are they getting their rest and value to their family. \at least ground staff are rostered on their working days to do the same courses and asked to do it on their off days.

Anonymous said...

Since when was the last time it was in the top spot for Best Cabin Staff award?

It has never been in the top since SARS outbreak.

Passengers can see how "CARING" the co is to let go of the staff during those difficult times.

What goes around comes around.

Talk Cock Time said...

Don't fall in love with a company. If it makes financially sense to sell it at the right price, sell the damn thing and start a new airline.

Anonymous said...

Is any SIA senior mgt (SVP and above) reading this? It is high time for MM Lee to intervene.

Anonymous said...

"...It is high time for MM Lee to intervene."
Please don't kid yourself. This is a small matter whether SIA inflight service is good or not. MM Lee is more interested if it can be more profitable or not.

Anonymous said...

MM will step in when SIA does not climb back up in rank. We Singaporeans do everything must be #1: sea port, airport, airline, minister pay, COE, ERP etc etc. Remember what happened when SQ pilot threaten to strike?