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Monday, November 19, 2012

Right attitude a key to success

Many cabin crew wannabes visit my blogs to get free advice and tips for their interviews. Many would come here with the wrong attitude. It's the "me,me,me...." selfish attitude they carry with them that resulted in their failure at the interview. They may not realize that having the right attitude is a key to their success.

Coming back to the subject of my blogs, these wannabes would ask questions regarding their interview at the wrong places. For example, I received questions pertaining to the cc interview under topics like " Why are some people so "how liang" (boastful)?" In the first place what has that subject got to do with the cc interview?

In another blog ( I stated clearly the email address in that blog is meant for payment for the seminar and E-guides and discouraged people from using it to pose questions. In spite of my requests, I received tons of questions in that email address.

A forum ( has been deliberately created for the wannabes to pose their questions or concerns about the cc interview. Few care to register and be members of the forum. It is as though they have to pay for the membership. It is Freeee friends!

Having the right attitude is not only the key to a successful interview. It is also a very important ingredient to a happy and meaningful life ( I am not elaborating on that).

Back to the cc interview. Do you know the interviewers are human beings like us too? They have their ups and downs and on the day of the interview they would have more downs than ups. They work in the office from Monday to Friday and are asked to conduct interviews over the weekends. They are not paid overtime pay. Now ask yourself whether one would be happy to conduct interviews under those circumstances? So if you could make the interviewers' job easier and more fun by saying things they like to hear other than your boring self-intro your chances of passing the interview are better.

You attend the interview because you want that job. That is your main objective. You are a eager beaver on that day,albeit nervous too. But do you stop to think of the interviewers' predicament? She has to wake up early in the morning and rush to the interview venue to attend to you. She would have probably miss her breakfast or left home with her children crying. Then at the first round of the interview most wannabes would do a stereo type of self-intro and tell the interviewers why they wanted the job of a cabin crew. They would blabber about how much they desire to be a cc because the salary is attractive, they love to see the world or broaden their horizon,love meeting people so on and so forth. It's all about "me,me, me and what I like...".  Few would say things like " I care for my national airline and I want to contribute to its continued success as an airline with a high standard of service", " I am very proud of this airline and I would love to be a part of the cabin crew team".

The following was a comment from a successful wannabe who in her own words said " It was what you mentioned in the book and YouTube videos to put ourselves of the interviewers who have to hear boring and repetitive self intros and understand their position. With this in mind,I did,in my opinion a pretty introduction and made them laugh!"

In conclusion, I again request those who would like to ask questions to pose them in my forum.


Not S'porean said...

Uncle most S'poreans are selfish and not just the cc wannabes. I think it is the culture and the educational system. Look at how the children behave in the buses and mrt. The parents let them stand on the seats and don't care whether their shoes are dirtying the seats. I am sure they won't let their kids do the same in their home.

FT said...

Their culture is disgusting.They burnt joss papers & candles on roadsides without due consideration for others. When they get married they horn their cars loudly early on Sunday mornings and wake the whole neighbourhood up. When they die their funerals/wakes are usually noisy. The roads are filled with errant drivers etc.

Current crew said...

BT I agree with you wholeheartedly. I went for the SQ interview and amazingly I passed all the stages. Whenever I have to answer their questions, I always find ways of amusing or making them interested in what I have to say. I was aware they could easily be bored so no problem on my part because I have some training in "clowning" during my college days.