Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shocking comment about SQ manager

A member in my forum pointed out that she stumbled upon a nasty and unwarranted comment about our ex cabin crew manager by the name of Mr. Toh Ghiam Meng. Mr. Toh as I knew him wasn't that bad as our manager. He was there to do his job but this kind of personal attack against him and his innocent wife is unforgivable. I hope Mr. Toh read this and take legal action against the culprit.
The thread in my forum about the shocking comment is at http://bohtong.websitetoolbox.com/?forum=266699

A copy of the comment is below:

Point your mouse at the picture and click for a larger version

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Amy not a cc said...

Why people are very mean? Typical of cc characteristics.

Anonymous said...

Choo Poh Leong was even worse than Toh and how come nobody gave him bad comment?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CPL was and still is a big asshole.

Talk Time said...

In this industry, you need all the askholes. That's why so you the askholes being promoted.

Anonymous said...

CPL is an angel compared to that obnoxious, arsehole TGM!